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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rabbits vs Cats

On 21 Dec' last year, four rabbits were abandoned
outside uncle Jimmy's Boon Lay home.

Being a cat lover, Jimmy did not know what to do
but to accept the 'gifts' offered to him.

HRS president rung him up and ask him to hold for 
1 month as HRS' facilities insufficient at that point of time.

Sometime last week, the only female rabbit (white)
gave birth to 5 bunnies of which all died by yesterday.
They were buried by Jimmy.

He has been taking care of the 4 adult rabbits for more
than one month, counting from 22 Dec 2011.

He wonders how long more will kind souls adopt the 4 adult rabbits?

The "bungalow" where the 4 rabbits are housed.
'Alice' the cat looking at her former cage....

She gave birth to 5 bunnies, all did not make it

The 2 male brothers sleeping together

The lone ranger male rabbit who is allowed to roam outside the cage.

Ration for the 4 rabbits:  left about half packet of hay

Where we gonna stay , now the rabbits are here?

Sleep outside like vangerbonds

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Great Dragon Fish Arowana Swiming With Tetras at Tiong Bahru Wu Hu

Recently was at Tiong Bahru Market to buy some good quality and cheap guppies. 
While cycling past the market, saw this giant arowana swimming gracefully 
with all his tiny neigbours fishes at Wu Hu Aquarium. 

I thgt it was amazing as none of his tiny 'friends' end up in tis aro stomach!
How nice it wll be to have a community tank like this.

The Wu Hu Aquarium shop is situated next to Tiong Bahru market , across a small street, at a row of shophouse along Seng Poh Road.

Swimming with the dragon is a dangerous affair

Shark Tale

a bystander taking a pic of this great dragon fish

watch your back !


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Boon Lay Blk 207 Late Night Fun

Hi folks,
just came back from my 1mth "holiday".

Seems like the kids at also having their late night holidays too. ;)
Wonder why the lights are still brightly lited after 11pm yesterday, celebration mood? lol

Location: Boon Lay blk 207 playground area.
Firday 20 Jan 2012,  11pm +

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