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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boon Lay Cat Avoid Treament From Cat Lover

Cat lover Jimmy trying to treat the injured cat Bai Bai (白白)
but nearer he gets , the further the cat run.

Bai Bai with sore on her back

Bai Bai with sore on her back

Waiting for a chance to treat her back

Inspecting her back

trying to get near bai bai  to treat her back

Bai Bai jumped away when medication is applied

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Woman Yue Feng Hands Out Flyers to Seek a Husband

When i went to visit her facebook and try to add Yue Feng as a friend.

Guess what facebook reply ?
 "Sorry, this user already has too many friend request"

Her advertising  method of handing out flyers surely have some results ! 

A woman was seen handing out flyers, which included a long list of criteria for a potential husband, to male passers-by in front of Columbia University in New York.

As a matter of fact, this is not her first time doing this -- the woman is actually a renowned Chinese Internet superstar Sister Feng, who became famous in November 2009 when she was first spotted passing out flyers on the streets of Shanghai with the same intention of seeking a boyfriend for marriage. 

According to an online news report, this time, Sister Feng stood in front of the school and was specifically approaching men who did not look Asian. 

The flyers she was handing out were written in extremely poor English, as seen in the word-for-word transcript below:

"I am looking for a Husband now, I am the hottest star from China. My name is Luoyufeng (罗玉凤), Chinese call me fengjie (凤姐), born 1985, I want my Husband very Interested in political and Economic, he would like to Dominate the world.

"I want my Husband like this:
1. He must between 25 to 31 years old.
2. He will between 5.74 feet to 6.11 feet height.
3. He must never get married, no children.
4. He will graduated from a prestigious world, like Harvard, Yale, MIT, west point, Stanford, Oxon, and so so.
5. He must had a master’s degree.
6. He can’t been an Asian.
7. He would better have a house and a car.

"I’m born in a poor family in Chongqing. When 16, I come to a Inexpensive Normal school which I never liked. I read a lot of books Between 9 to 20. I’m expert in Poetry and prose. In 2006 when I’m 21, I became a Language teacher. In 2008 when I’m 23, I resigned and come to shanghai for a better future. But I can’t get a good job there. There was no way to get more income except publicize myself, so I became the hottest star in china in 2010 when I’m 25. I came to the USA in the same year. Since there is over 3000.000 chinese man asked marry me, but none of them suitable.

1. I am only 4.82 feet height, but I used to wear a High-heeled shoes. So I always looked like 5.08 feet.
2. I’m from china which Country control Family planning as their basal policy. I will follow it. So I only want 2 children if get married.
Mobile phone: 646-220-8171

Encouraging story of donkey drop into dry well

Encouraging story from FM958 today

A farmer lost his Donkey when it dropped into a dry well. 
The donkey keep calling out to his owner for help.

He and villagers tried to save the donkey up but its too deep to reach.
Do not want  his donkey to suffer from dying and dirtying the well, hence he thgt of  filling up the well with soil to hasten donkey's death.

Hence together they start digging up soil and filling up the dry well.
The donkey knowing his fate, kept on crying while the digging continues above.

After a long time, the donkey stopped his crying. 
The farmer and villagers were puzzled at why donkey stopped making noise.

When they looked down , they were amazed at what they saw.
The donkey was pushing aside the soil to the side and keep standing on top. 

Eventually when the soil reached the top of the dry well, 
donkey smartly jumped out of the well in front of all the villagers.

Morale of Story
Do not let the daily frustrations of life to hit us down.

The situation may be very bad.

Like the donkey, we can choose to throw aside the "soil" 
and keep standing atop.

Never give up hope.
Eventually problem will be solved.

Hope this story can encourage all of us here.

Thank you for your attention...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prata at Rizwan Curry Restaurant Jurong East Blk 338

Ate egg and kosong prata  for breakfast and lunch at Jurong East Rizwan Curry Restaurant today.

The best thing is the prata is freshly cooked by chef on the spot and the curry is warm. The seats are usually available , do not need to reserve seats most of the time. 

S$3 for a cup of teh tarik and a pair of pratas (egg & kosong)
Rizwan Curry Restaurant
Jurong East Blk 338, #01-1646 (last unit)
Behind Jurong East  Polyclinic
Bus 99, 157, 198, 334.

When Sun Comes Up You Better be Running

Like to share a fav quote in 1 LinkedIn group.

“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, 
it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it 
will be killed. 

Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up.
It knows it must run faster than the 
slowest gazelle or it will starve. 

It doesn't matter whether you're the lion or a gazelle-
when the sun comes up, you'd better be running.” 

― Christopher McDougall, 

Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, 
and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen

Another story i read on a blog:

A king who did not believe in the goodness of God, had a slave who, in all circumstances, said: “My king, do not be discouraged, because everything God does is perfect, no mistakes!”
One day they went hunting and along the way a wild animal attacked the king. His slave managed to kill the animal, but could not prevent his majesty losing a finger.
Furious and without showing his gratitude for being saved, the nobleman said: “Is God good? If He was good, I would not have been attacked and lost my finger.
The slave replied: “My king, despite all these things, I can only tell you that God is good, and He knows “why” of all these things. What God does is perfect. He is never wrong!
Outraged by the response, the king ordered the arrest of his slave. Later, he left for another hunt and was captured by savages who made human sacrifices. In the altar, ready to sacrifice the nobleman, the savages found that the victim had not one of his fingers, so he was released. According to them, it was not so complete to be offered to the gods.
Upon his return to the palace, he authorized the release of his slave, and received him very affectionately. “My dear, God was really good to me! I was almost killed by the wild men, but for lack of a single finger, I was let go! But I have a question: If God is so good, why did he allow me to put you in jail?
My King, if I had gone with you in this hunt, I would have been sacrificed for you, because I have no missing finger, therefore, remember everything God does is perfect. He is never wrong.
Often we complain about life, and negative things that happen to us, forgetting that nothing is random and that everything has a purpose.
Every morning, offer your day to God, don’t be in a rush.
Ask God to inspire your thoughts, guide your actions, and ease your feelings. And do not be afraid. God is never wrong!
You know why this message is for you? I do not know, but God knows, because he never makes mistakes…….
The path of God and his word is perfect, without impurities. He is the way of all those who trust in Him, as He says in 2 Samuel 22:31.
What you do with this message is up to you. May God put in your heart the desire to send it to someone. God knows why He choose you to receive this message. Please bless someone with it.
God is never wrong!

From Bryan Chung link HERE

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ice Cendol at Kim Lotus Jur West BLk 463

Ice Cendol at S$1.70 !
Generous with coconut milk & brown syrup on top. 
After this, guarantee you won't go to another ice cendol stall.

Much cleaner now as the lady is no longer using her hands 
but a scoop to "pat" & arrange the ice shavings.

Venue: Kim Lotus at Jurong West Blk 463 
Opposite Mobile petrol station and Jurong Green CC

Opens after 930am , almost daily 
(sometimes closed on Tuesdays/ other days)

Click pix below to enlarge:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tiong Bahru Lor Mee at Boon Lay Food Village

New stall from Tiong Bahru arrived at Boon Lay Food Village
in Feb' 2012!

Have you try the latest Tiong Bahru Lor Mee?
Comes with Shark meat in the bowl of noddle.

Stall opens till around 1pm.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Red Cross Flag Day in Boon Lay 11 Feb 2012 Sat

Today is a fine Saturday.
While having breakfast saw a bunch of children in school uniforms
approaching Boon Lay hawker center in groups.

I thought it must be a flag day or a community event.

They "clustered" togheter in unity, standing near the bus stop to collect
coins to be dropped in their tins.

Later while travelling down the east west mrt line, also saw a couple of
students holding to the red cross tins on their lap.

What a day.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Crowded 240 Sbs Bus

Nowadays trying to get onto a bus is not as easy as before.

We have to 'squeeze' our bodies in order to get onto the bus entrance.

Very often, the skinny ones will get knock out while the "bigger" sized ones will win the battle.

The smarter way is to 'cut queue' by flanking to the front left of the bus entrance. 

~ running for my bus now  see you~

SBS feeder Bus 240

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Grateful Cat Giving Head Butt to Cat Feeder

Cat thanking the cat feeder during last nite feeding.
This grateful cat is named "xiao bai" (tiny white)

Before the food arrives, she will give a 'head butt' to the cat feeder.
Friendly cat.

Nokia Phone Recycle

Saw this recycle phone model at an exhibition in NTU.
Anything can be recycle

Cat fights

Jus came back from visiting 1 of my cat feeder neighbours.
His two cats playing with one another.

Alice (white) vs Hong Hong (orange)

Guess who won?

Sunday, February 05, 2012

MRT almost delay on Sunday

It was almost a "disaster" for me on a Sunday morning at Jurong East MRT
station when an unpopular message was aired over the platform informing
the passengers that there might be a train delay due to a fault.

I'm gonna be late for my assignment at Yishun if the delay is
more than 15 mins.

Fortunately 5 mins later, a "salvation" message came just in time to inform us that train operation was resumed.

BUT the crowd has already formed on the usually unpacked north bound train to Yishun.
No choice but to find a spot to stand till someone alights at the next station.

This incident taught me to prepare for any contigency plans and plan early for any important assigment

possible train delay message

train operation resume message

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Monk Watching YouTube on SBS Bus to Bugis Junction

While coming back from Lavender MRT after posting ads,
found a rear seat next to 1 of the monks enjoying YouTube on iPad.

The video was noisy and some of passengers turned back to
check out what's the commotion about.

Dont pray pray , Monks are progressing and integrating
into the modern society faster than you think...

Monks alighting at Bugis Junction, finally noise die down... phew!

Both monks enjoying YouTube video on the rear end of bus

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Depression Symptoms and Recovery

Depression is more than feeling down, sad and moody. It is more appropriate to describe depression as a loss of interest in daily activities as if life is hopeless and nothing can be done to resolve the problem perceived by the depressed person. 

Depression is not the normal sadness that one can experience when   someone hurts us or something went wrong in the day. Depression is more serious than sadness and very often interferes the depressed person's normal way of life and routine.

Note: what we are discussing here is a general form of depression. 

Causes of Depression
Depression is usually caused by the loss of something valuable to oneself or a presence of a problem that seems too big to solve by oneself.

  • Loss of Jobs. Unemployment can trigger a series of worries and anxieties to anyone, especially men. Especially if the source of income is cut off for a long period of time, the person can become depressed. 

  • Loss of Life/Friend. When someone leaves us either through death or lost in a far away place, some may feel a sense of sadness thus leading to depression. Especially if the person is dear to him or her.

  • Loss of Freedom. Being bounded in a confined space with limited freedom can create a feeling of intense moodiness. It may also create a sense of feeling lonely and uncertainty.  

  • Loss of Properties. Loss of money, houses, personal items that are of value to oneself may cause someone to be depressed.  

Symptoms of Depression
When someone is depressed, the usual symptoms are:
  • Sense of Self-worthlessness. Blaming oneself of the past mistakes and begins to feel unworthy. 

  • Loss of Interest in Daily Activities. Little interest in former hobbies, sports, outings and even one's favorite food.

  • Sleep Problems. Either sleepy most of the time (hypersomnia)or can't get to sleep (insomnia).  

  • Decision Making. Find difficulty in deciding what to do even in matters of non importance.

Some of the steps taken to improve feeling depressed is taking up an activity to keep busy in order to distract oneself from depression. 
  • Talk to a Close Friend. Release by bringing up to a friend whom can be trusted. By disclosing the feelings to the close friend, the depressed someone cares to listen and may even offer views or solutions that the depressed may be unaware of.

  • Exercise/ Hobby - taking a light form of exercise like walking or spending a day playing a game with a friend you enjoy with. 

  • Professional / Medication. For more serious cases of depression, the person may wish to seek help from a psychiatric professional. 

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