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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Long Detour to Jurong East Mrt

Didn't know the walk to Jurong East Mrt is such a tedious and took longer than the usual 3mins. 

Planks and barricades are installed under the mrt tracks and around the former Jurong East Bus Interchange area. 

As such, residents have to make a big detour from bus stop opposite Blk 201/ Ng Teng Feng General Hospital to the Mrt station. 

Journey begins here to Jurong East Mrt 

Snakey way

Lots of turnings 

still some distance away 

Plank and Barricades along the way to Jurong East Mrt  

Looking back from Jurong East Mrt   

Finally reach the Mrt station at Jurong East

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