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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Singapore Flash Flood vs Flood in USA Hurricane Sandy

After a heavy rain in Singapore this afternoon 31 Oct 2012, couldn't help but to compare the 2 floods that are happening almost on the same day.  What a vast difference!
Are we going to complain about the flash floods after watching the videos below? 

Follow the flood condition (if any) at

Published on Oct 31, 2012 by 
Reader Derrick Tan took this video of a flash flood along Balestier Road 
outside Boon Tong Kee restaurant in the afternoon of 31 Oct 2012.

This flash flood is indeed powerful, a car was "drifted away for 50m" near Nanyang Technological University on 31 Oct 2012.


由于雨势猛烈,沟渠水流湍急,"汽车被冲走50米",车中当时还有司机和一名乘客。所幸这两人成功自行爬出车外,死里逃生。掉落沟渠的汽车过后也被民防拖出。南大受询时证实,车祸双方的司机和乘客都是南大学生,两名司机都安然无恙,乘客则受轻伤,但医护人员现场施救,无需送院。两名司机也已同意私下处理此事。( Lian He Wan Bao )

Hurricane Sandy in America by ABC News

Monday, October 29, 2012

Phishing website hacked many twitter accounts

Twitter users, pls take note of a phishing website that is twitter lookalike.

Many of you might have received direct messages (DMs)  like the ones below.

Just when you thought that there is a "bad rumor or nasty blog" about you, you clicked on the link and it leads you to (pls do not go there). 

Ivtwitter then prompts you to enter your twitter account user name and password. After that , they will use your account to send out fake messages.
Do take note.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

PM Lee Watch Singapore Gangnam Super Kan Cheong Style By Asian Parents

Highly recommended by PM Lee and most watched by "kan cheong" parents in Singapore!

Follow along the lyrics below the video clip:

Wake up every morning I am feeling oh so sleepy
Faster faster bathe and then I go get ready
Auntie get me milo
Daddy gives me money
Tiger Mummy tell me better quickly go and study

Walking to the train
But then it starts to rain
Ai-yoh eh, eh
No umbrella leh, eh
But my maid Lorraine
She tells me use my brain
Take newspaper… er
Why you so blur
We push, you push, we shove, you shove if we go late
Sure kenna scold-o-o-o-o…!

Super Kancheong Style!
Kancheong Style, style-style-style-style-style
Super Kancheong Style
Kancheong Style, style-style-style-style-style
Super Kancheong Style

Eh… better hurry, eh eh eh eh eh
Super Kancheong Style
Eh… give me curry, oh oh oh oh oh
Super Kancheong Style

Run like a Siao Gila, heng ah I reach school on time ah
Teacher look at me macam just commit a crime lah

Walking like some hero
Oh no forgot my homework
Mummy, Daddy sure scold me ‘cos all test I got zero!

Kancheong spider, why you always behave so like that?
Kancheong spider, eh brother, you just need to relak.
Kancheong spider, you have to learn how to slack!

Kancheong spider, aiyoh, Kancheong spider

In our country
you better study
To go Uni… oh!

In lion city
You can be happy
With your family
Make more money!
Better study, listen to mummy daddy, listen to every single body.. eh eh eh eh eh

Super Kancheong Style
Kancheong Style, style-style-style-style-style
Super Kancheong Style
Kancheong Style, style-style-style-style-style

You must know, we love this country yo
There is no-where else we’ll want to go
You must know, this is my country yo
We’ll all grow up to go drink kopi-o!

Super Kancheong Style!
Eh… Happy Children’s Day… eh eh eh eh eh
Super Kancheong Style!
Eh… Happy Children’s Day… eh eh eh eh eh
Super Kancheong Style!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Stray Cats Roaming Freely & Peaceful With Humans

The stray cats here are happily living and roaming around without being harmed, except for a few cases of stray cats being trapped on the ledge.

The stray cats can use the lift to go up or if they prefer to exercise can use their legs by doing some walking on their fours. 
Many a times u will be able to see a stray cat by the name of Hong Hong outside hdb units, sleeping peacefully or asking for permission to enter your home. Not only are the stray cats on the ground, there is also a stray cat that can be seen walking above your head.  

There is once, I spotted a playful blackie dog having fun chasing after the stray cats. 
The stray cats "played along", one even chased blackie back, wow!

The cats here are dun seem to be  afraid of humans and even their "arch-enemy" dogs (stray or domesticated). Whenever the stray cat see a dog barking at them, they will either look away or adopt a defensive position, usually the former.

The stray cats are fed every 2 - 3 times per day by volunteers cat lovers. Treatment of cats injuries are also being performed by Mr Jimmy who provides supper for the stray cats. He also will call up for  sterilization of cats.
Not forgetting Mdm Wong who provides of breakfast & supper for the stray cats.

See photos below:

Stray cat roaming outside a unit on the 3rd floor

Stray cat lying down outside lift lobby 

Stray cat rescue trapped outside a wall ledge on the 4th floor

Stray cat Hong Hong dozing off zzZz by the bicycle parked outside a unit

Stray cat Hong Hong using the lift, out he goes

Stray cat roaming above you

Stray cat roaming above you

Stray cat asking for your permission to enter your home

Stray cat head-butt to the cat feeder, as a sign of "friendliness & gratitude"

Supper time for the stray cats 

Time for a jab for 1 of the injured stray cats 

Looking for another jab at this stray cat 

Injured stray cat (neck area) 

Stray Cat Cheeky Thrown Down from Ang Mo Kio Blk 716 on 24 Oct 9pm

A stray cat named Cheeky was thrown down from a building at Ang Mo Kio Blk 716 on the night of 24 Oct 2012. The CWS has put up a reminder for cat owners to refrain their pets from roaming around their flat, see highlighted text in yellow below.
Strangely stray cats in the west have been living peacefully without being harmed even when they go up to the hdb units or roaming freely on the first level. One was even being adopted by a resident.

There are however  a few cases of 2 cats being left outside the wall parapet though (either by someone or cat jumped over by themselves), see story. We really can't be sure that stray cats are safe nowadays especially the world we are living in is full of violence and pressures.

Cat feeder bonding with the stray cat by head butting.

Cat feeder feeding the stray cats roaming on the 1st level
The cat welfare society has responded to the news report on CWS  facebook page"It's a sad day as a well loved cat was thrown down to its death from a high floor. SPCA, AVA and police are alerted and an appeal for witnesses and information. This is the second corridor roaming cat this year that has met this fate. While this act of cruelty is condemned and we want the culprit found, we would like to remind all NOT to let your pet cats roam or lure community cats upstairs by feeding them outside your unit "

Madam Tan See Dee (right) has offered a $1,000 reward to anyone
who can find the person responsible for throwing the cat,
Cheeky, from Block 716 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6. -- PHOTO: LIANHE WANBAO

An Ang Mo Kio resident has put up a $1,000 reward to find the person responsible for throwing a cat to its death from a Housing Board flat.
Lianhe Wanbao and Shin Min Daily News reported on 25 Oct Thursday that the incident happened at about 9pm on 24 Oct Wednesday, at Block 716 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6.
Madam Tan See Dee, 48, offered the reward on Thursday. She learnt of the incident through friends. She fed the black-and- white cat, known to residents as Cheeky, for two to three years.
The stray cat would go to the void deck of Block 716 at 3.30pm every day, waiting for her to return from work, she told Shin Min.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

SMRT Down at Dhoby Ghaut & Harbour Front on 24 Oct 2012 approx 11pm

Received a ReTweeted msg from SMRT around 11pm on 25 Oct, it says
there is a power fault between Dhoby Ghaut and Harbour Front station.

And it back to normal again at around 11:18 pm.  

What a good way to communicate, so that commuters can seek transport alternatives.

Thanks so much for the tweets.

SMRT Twitter:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On my way to IMM & Jurong East Gateway Road

While on my way to IMM last night,
almost lost my sense of direction as new roads are added and there's lots of construction sites and some heavy vehicles plying the road there.

There gonna be a new Hospital, Devan Nair Institute and a mega mall named JEM opposite.

EZ-Link Card Stickers of AVA Pet Ownership Roadshow

All the stickers are grabbed , what's left are only the hangers without the stickers...sigh

"Have you seen AVA's  Responsible Pet Ownership hangers in buses and trains? If you haven’t, you may just want to keep a lookout for them. Not only do these hangers contain details of AVA upcoming Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow this November, but they also come with an attractive EZ-link card sticker! So go grab one now!"

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ad Error in IMM Giant Hypermart

This ad is in spotted in IMM Giant
Can't figure out what does it mean by Free 1 Cow Keg Chain (last line). 
I thgt they are giving away cow leg when we buy Magnolia milk...

Water for the stray cats

Was told that these packets of water are meant for the stay cats. 
What an innovative way to bring water to them....

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkins at Shop N Save

My mum thought these pumpkins are not for food, is it so?
Seen them at Shop N Save (West Mall)

Fishy at Gong Cha Bubble Tea West Mall B1-04

Just spotted this beautiful jar housing about 4 pcs of Gourami fishes at Gong Cha (West Mall #B1-04)

Roti Boy Bun 1 Is Never Enough Buns To Die For

Thought he is promoting James Bond Movie " Never Die Another Day"

Wonder will Roti Boy come to Singapore?

Entering your home is easy if u leave windows open

Don't let this happen to you. We have done an experiment and even a "fat" hand can go in and turn/ unlock  your door from inside. Do close your windows if possible.

Too Much Spam Emails

Have u been receiving lots of spams in your email recently?
That's probably becos' you did not ask for spam lite.
you  been taking too much of these spam meat. lol

Similar Beverage and Body Care Package

What has these 3 products in common? (see below)
- 1st pic is for your body only
- 2nd & 3rd is for drinking

They all look quite the same to me, how do you see it?
If a child who do not know how to read, taking the 1st product into its mouth will be disaster....

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