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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mysterious Item at Jurong West Blk 440

Can I report this as suspicious item?
Seen it yesterday noon on 30 May 2011

This item which looks like a motorbike is located near Jurong West Blk 440.
If it is still there , can someone try opening up.
Hope it's nothing dangerous...

Wrapped up like a dumpling !

Auto Toilet Wash Do Not Need To Lift Fingers To Clean Backside

Nowadays everything is automatic!
Washing backside also do not need to lift our fingers.
just turn the knob at the pipe and the washing will start.

Its quite similar to the ones I used in Taiwan hotels except that the ones in
Singapore is manual, whereas back there is all electronic and fully auto!

My Taiwan supplier explained to me the reason why they use
such auto toilets is because its cold in winter and it's user
friendly for elderly people.

Saw some auto-washers in NTU toilets.

Demo Video of Auto Toilet Wash in NTU Lee Wee Nam Library

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ah Moh Skate Boarder at Nanyang Flyover

Saw this Ah Moh skating after the Nanyang Flyover this morning


Skin Problem Man Soliciting Funds At Jurong West Blk 504 Coffeshop

Saw this young man soliciting funds at Jurong West Blk 504 Coffeeshop last nite!
His condition looked quite bad based on his wrinkled skin condition.

He is a bit started n nervous when i pointed my Samsung Omnia II camera phone at him.
Hope he's all right. I jus wanna to put up his pics and highlight his condition in this blog here.

I wonder what sort of skin problems he has and if anyone can help him?

Yuan Yang Hor Fun At Jurong West Blk 504

Was at "Thai Cusine" in Jurong West Blk 504 Coffeshop last nite with my usual gang: Nelson, Rajan and Quek. Its jus next to the Jurong Town Council and S$3.80 Haircut @ SnipAvenue

I ordered a plate of  Yuan Yang* from them. I ever saw Ah Ee ate this plate and all tried it they gave the thumbs up! So I decided to also give it a try and wah it was really heavenly taste, goes well with the green chilli , its not so oily easy to eat!

My gang gave the dish a new name "Ding Dong" when they couldn't pronounce the Chinese name and gave up trying to. One of my gang is an Indian and another is Ah-Moh mixed so that explains the reason why this dish was given this name but dun ask me why use "ding dong" n not any other name maybe they like to pronounce this way. lol  :D

Yuan Yang: Hor Fun (flat noodle sheets) and Bee Hoon (rice noodle/rice vermicelli)


Why Complain At Coffeshop Jurong West St 91 Blk 907

WHY Singaporeans Like to Complain?
That's what the coffeshop at Jurong West is trying to answer (opposite NTU).
They posted a Straits Time Newspaper article on their walls to explain the reason why.

When having my fav hor fun breakfast there, an aunty asked me what's pasted on that wall?
I told her about the article trying to explain why Singaporeans tend to complain and
some will not hesitate to do that and some even go to the extent of seeing their MPs.

I asked her if it's the coffeshop boss who posted all these newspapers articles?
She explained to me that could it be due to the people here nothing better to do
,often complaining about the tables the coffeshop put out during lunch time hours that
prompted the boss to paste the news up his walls.

I told her maybe its due to the "high-class" and more educated neighbourhood that is
near this coffeshop lah. They jus write in to the authorities when they something is not right.
If this coffeshop is located in Boon Lay or places where Banglah visit,
who will even bother abt complaining , even if it makes too much noises?


my fav pet Xiao Qiang on the wall!

You & Lai Coffeshop at Jurong West Blk 907

Nearby "rich" residents @ Blk 906 Jurong West St 91

Nice Cosy Corner: Gardening Club behind Blk 907 coffeshop

Creative and environmental friendly use of tyres to plant shrubs
And also a bird watching area under the HDB Void Deck 

Jurong West St 51 Hong Kah Point Got Talent

A very talented Malay musician Playing his self-composed hokkien tune on his electronic piano @ Jurong West St 51 coffeshops ,next to Blk 504 Thai Cusine. Usually can see him next to Hong Kah Point Town Council. While passbys are queuing for their 10cents apples at Hong Kah Point, no one bother to put in any small coins into his donation boxes that prompt him to come up with the below humorous music to comfort himself and humor others like me:

The self composed music goes something like these:

" Bo Seng Lee, Bo Seng Lee, Wo Bo Seng Lee!  "
(No Business, No Business. I No Business! )

"Kuah Luo Kun ..."
(See Doctor...)

" Wo Chair Meh , Bo Leng Ai Kou Lian Wo... "
(I Am Blind , Nobody Wanna Pity Me)

Video of Musician Playing on His Electronic Piano At Hong Kah Pt!

Engrossed in Playing his self-composed Hokkien Song

People Busy queuing for their 10 cents apples

Here's my 1 buck for 10 apples!

Apples! uncle in green ask me got take his photo or not?
I told him taking pictures of the apples are more important lah! lol

More videos on

 Thanks for viewing.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Young Couples Hugging and Make Out on MRT Reserved Seat

Personally, i 'd like to ask how would you rate young generation nowadays?
Maybe you will feel like what I do. Shake heads...
I would dare to say young ones are more expressive towards their loved ones.

Just this evening 8pm after visting my friend in NUH Hospital, I took a MRT train back to Lakeside from Dover Mrt Station. As per normal practice while desperately trying to find for myself a good seat (as I'm alrdy having white hairs, legs breaking and gonna approaching senior citizen status very soon), I couldn't believe my eyes that one of the reserved seats is taken up by 2 commuters.

Neither are they pretending to doze off , nor are they violating any laws by eating or drinking on the Mrt train. Upon closer examination, they are a pair of young loving couples perhaps in their early twenties doing something out of the ordinary in the reserved seat.  Guess what they did openly in the public?

They are busy "making-out" in front of quite a number of passengers. They seem to be very engrossed in their affairs without considering the feelings of other passengers in the train. The young girl was seen by all passengers 'buka' her legs wide open not for the boyfriend to sit on but for him to advance towards in order for her to hug onto his body.

They are indeed a pair of love birds! Can't get off each others' presence , very sticky thru' out the journey.
After abt 5mins when the boyfriend got down at Clementi Mrt Station, she keeps on gazing at her boyfriend at the platform as if they are gonna to be seperated for a very long time. Then, this girl is seen digging her nose and sucking her fingers...n gazing at her mobile phone. oh no.  I wonder why happen to this generation?

can't bear to see her boyfriend alight at Clementi Mrt

hugging boyfriend like a kola bear does to a tree
they did it on the reserved seat for elderly/ pregnant /needy passengers

sucking her fingers

n digging nose
I noticed there's this 1 Bangla man who was sitting opposite this couple, paying his close attention to their itimate behavior and seem to be enjoying this PG drama judging by his wide opening and beaming eyes.

Fortunately, there are no little children or young ones around. How would they react or worse would they imitate this type of behaviour which is meant for only couples?
As the saying goes: Monkey See Monkey Do. Who knows they may start to apply what they learn by themselves... gosh!

I'd like to appeal to any couple out there who really have habit of getting itimate on Mrt trains,
pls consider feelings for an "old man" like me. At least pls give up your seats before you get itimate.
But pc of advice : make sure no young ones around, yeah.

Thanks and no thanks. Leg pain , aching again gtg for my GoYo medication.

Cold Storage Kids Run 2011

Never seen so many kids run toghtr in my life.
Happened on 22 May 2011 Sunday morning 8am @ the Padang, Singapore

This event is very orderly and well organised by Cold Storage.
With just the right amount of sponsors and well positioned banners and advertisements.

The kids really enjoyed their run and family day out. 

Sunny day and sweating it all out for the entire family!

pix and videos below... click on each images to enlarge

ready, get set, go!

simon says follow me

wher the action begins

banners and advertisers

Padang turns into play field and "pasar malems"

very crowded like Chinatown Chinese New Year Night Market
ren shan , ren hai (human mountain , human sea )

Games. back to the old days

Games. back to the old days

Games. back to the old days

Businesses and Companies Eduplus setting up stalls here

Golf time!

Toilet Break!

Mascot 1

Masoct 2

Mascot 3

After the event, run across the road

walk towards Raffles City


Cold Storage Kids gathers at Raffles City

A Cold Storage family reminiscing the earlier events on mobile

Cold Storage "balloon fight" on MRT


Cold Storage Kids Run 2011.
Ready? get set... go!

Cold Storage Kids - Shout it out loud

Cold Storage "Balloon Fight" on the MRT
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