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Monday, May 30, 2011

Jurong West St 51 Hong Kah Point Got Talent

A very talented Malay musician Playing his self-composed hokkien tune on his electronic piano @ Jurong West St 51 coffeshops ,next to Blk 504 Thai Cusine. Usually can see him next to Hong Kah Point Town Council. While passbys are queuing for their 10cents apples at Hong Kah Point, no one bother to put in any small coins into his donation boxes that prompt him to come up with the below humorous music to comfort himself and humor others like me:

The self composed music goes something like these:

" Bo Seng Lee, Bo Seng Lee, Wo Bo Seng Lee!  "
(No Business, No Business. I No Business! )

"Kuah Luo Kun ..."
(See Doctor...)

" Wo Chair Meh , Bo Leng Ai Kou Lian Wo... "
(I Am Blind , Nobody Wanna Pity Me)

Video of Musician Playing on His Electronic Piano At Hong Kah Pt!

Engrossed in Playing his self-composed Hokkien Song

People Busy queuing for their 10 cents apples

Here's my 1 buck for 10 apples!

Apples! uncle in green ask me got take his photo or not?
I told him taking pictures of the apples are more important lah! lol

More videos on

 Thanks for viewing.

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