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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Boon Lay 20th Indian Cultural Festival Krishna Kumari Variety Nite on 21 May 2011

While buying dinner for myself, saw lots of banglahs gathering to watch some entertainment.
So decided to pop in and watch the commotion.

Interestingly saw a group Chinese performers and a very Young adorable girl doing some fast Indian dance.
(see first and the last video clips below)
With accompainment of loud background whistlings from the banglahs standing at the back of tents.

Venue: Boon Lay Blk 207

21 May 2011 Saturday ,8pm
Videos and picts in blog below

these banglahs audience keep whistling to the tunes and dance of performers on stage

large crowd sitting down enjoying the entertainment show at Boon Lay Blk 207

Chinese ladies from Bukit Merah CC peforming indian dance, they really got talents!


mixed crowd chinese, indians, etc

this lady compere very talkative and humurous, likes to smile.
occasionally she will use English to translate she just said in Tamil

Do you notice the adorable short young girl in green dancing at the corner?

chinese girls from Bukit Merah CC doing a fast move!

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