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Monday, May 30, 2011

Yuan Yang Hor Fun At Jurong West Blk 504

Was at "Thai Cusine" in Jurong West Blk 504 Coffeshop last nite with my usual gang: Nelson, Rajan and Quek. Its jus next to the Jurong Town Council and S$3.80 Haircut @ SnipAvenue

I ordered a plate of  Yuan Yang* from them. I ever saw Ah Ee ate this plate and all tried it they gave the thumbs up! So I decided to also give it a try and wah it was really heavenly taste, goes well with the green chilli , its not so oily easy to eat!

My gang gave the dish a new name "Ding Dong" when they couldn't pronounce the Chinese name and gave up trying to. One of my gang is an Indian and another is Ah-Moh mixed so that explains the reason why this dish was given this name but dun ask me why use "ding dong" n not any other name maybe they like to pronounce this way. lol  :D

Yuan Yang: Hor Fun (flat noodle sheets) and Bee Hoon (rice noodle/rice vermicelli)


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