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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ice Kacang at Jurong West Blk 463

Enjoying a bowl of ice kacang on a humid & hot night!

Kim Lotus Dessert stall is a favourite hunt among Jurong West customers. Its located at Jurong West St 41, Blk 463 (opposite Esso Mobile).

The desert is rich with ingredients like kacang, jelly, 2 attap seeds, sweet corns, dinced chin chow,red beans & condensed milk pour on the thin ice shavings. One bowl is S$1.50.

Mum's Passport renew due

Its time again to renew passport but this time is for my mum's which is due on 18 May 2011. The ICA reminder letter arrived sometime on 20 August 2010 which is at least 9 months in advance.

Maybe that's what PM Lee termed as good productivity. Planned to do it thru because its faster and S$10 cheaper (S$70).

However as I do not have her NRIC Issue Date, have to do it another day.

I wonder why they need NRIC issue date as long as the NRIC number and Full Name is given? 

Those who are in NS do not have their NRIC with them and have to check with their respective units which will take another how many days? (see ICA FAQ Link)

That's what i call ~"productivity" ~  Anyway just follow lor :D 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Can you win in MBS and RWS?

Both belong to the class of rich and famous. One is an overseas super-star and the other a multi-millionaire local businessman.

Both end up losing big time to Singapore's 2 golden geese.

The local businessman should had waited for wise man to give his ND speech yesterday.

Those who had gambled before should have known that winner is usually the gambling house. However, there are still more cases that locals are also attracted to the casinos.

One of my friend's brother who lost $300,000 to casinos, we saw him and his family at Sentosa trying his "skills".  
The outcome: donated some money to RWS.

Leave gambling to foreigners

By Elgin Toh , Aug 30, 2010 

"SINGAPOREANS would be 'prudent' to let foreigners do the gambling at the casinos in the two new integrated resorts (IRs).

Such a move will be a 'sure-win' situation, as taxes levied on gambling would boost government coffers, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said yesterday in Chinese at the National Day Rally... "
Straits Times Link

Stories below:
Jay Chou 'loses $2m' in MBS casino
Sg Businessman lost S$26millon in RWS

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fake S$50 note in Boon Lay Food Center

While surfing the internet today, the below online news caught my attention. I wonder if there are more of these notes circulating around in Jurong?

By Channel NewsAsia, Updated: 14/08/2010
Fake $50 notes surface in Boon Lay Market and Food Centre

SINGAPORE: Over the past four days, six hawkers at the Market and Food Centre at blocks 221, 221A and 221B in Boon Lay Place each received a fake 50—dollar note.

It’s not hard to tell the difference between the fake and real notes.
The print on the fake notes smudges after coming into contact with water.

But it’s easy to miss out these details despite the tell—tale signs.
That was why the six hawkers, who sell drinks, food and vegetables, suffered losses of S$300.

The victims said the culprits act alone and turn up when the stall owners are busy.
Now, the hawkers have become more alert, and have also warned others to be careful.

Police said they received 72 such reports from 2006 till the first half of last year.

Taken from: Xin Msn

Power Nasi Lemak super long queue

Power Nasi Lemak stall
@ Boon Lay Place Food Center

Today returning home, passing by the infamous Power Nasi Lemak foodstall in Boon Lay.  I was surprised to see the queue for their food stretches to the carpark entrance!

Imagine yourself queing up at least 30mins for a simple plate of nasi lemak. What's the secret behind the long queue?

One of my ex-colleque said the owner put some "magical power" to attract the customers back, while others said its the sambal chilli & fragrant rice cooked with rich coconut milk that keeps them returning back for more.  Still, there are others who liked the fried chicken wing, otah that makes it worth their time to queue.

I personally liked the fact that most of the food & rice are freshly cooked & what one of my friend termed as 'shiow shiow' (hot in hokkien)!

Whatever the reasons behind, its' success can be seen from the daily human queue which start from about 6pm. 

If you are curious to try out the food, do come on Monday evenings when its probably the shortest queue.

Bon Appetit!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Feeding Stray Cats

After our lunch, strangely we saw a notice pasted near the lift lobby in a Jurong West blk. 

The notice advises the residents from leaving food to feed stray cats which I had seen citizens doing so for the last 10 years or so.

I wonder how the cats are going to eat if the residents do not leave the food there. For experienced cat-feeder, the amount of food given will be sufficient enough for the cats to finish off.

IMO, the notice should be amended to something below:

"Do not leave food for rats & ants, do clear away any left-over foods after feeding the cats"

How long am i going to wait for my food?
Don't worry abt the birds, I'll finish them off for supper
if they dare touch my lunch.

Ampang Yong Tau Fu at BL Shopping Ctr

Ampang Yong Tau Fu

1 Person set: S$3.50
2 Person set: S$8.00

This afternoon, I just had my Nasi Lemak lunch at Boon Lay Hawker Center. So my friend bought me a cup of coffee and he ordered his lunch at Boon Lay Shopping Center on the 2nd-level (air-conditioned).

While waiting for my friend Nelson to finish savouring the Ampang Yong Tau Fu, I asked his opinions about the taste.

He gave the thumbs up, rated 70 out of 100 marks for his food. Can come back and eat again.

According to him, the quantity is substantial which consists about 8 to 9 pcs of Yong Tau Fu , 1 bowl of noddle (mee fan), 1 bowl of soup, 2 types of chilli.

The overall taste is good & crispy. Chilli is good and soup is not bad.

However, Nelson can't finish the noddle & the bitter gourd. I look at the next table, two aunties also can't finish the '1 person set' which they shared.

Nelson also mention the variety is not wide enough. Only 1 to 2 kinds of vegetables served.

I think I also won't be able to finish the food if I order the next time.

So come with a half-empty stomach if you are really keen to try the Yong Tau Fu above.

Banana Leaf Nasi Lemak

I had Banana Leaf Chinese Nasi Lemak lunch at Boon Lay Hawker Center. The meal cost S$2.60 which consists of 3-4 pcs chicken chop , 1 tau fu, and 1 luncheon meat and of course the rice + banana leaf + cucumber with chilli.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bed Bugs on the rise in Jurong

Bed Bugs seem to be on the rise in Jurong area.

Look at what NTUC of Boon Lay Shopping Center stocking up. If you happen to pass by Boon Lay, u will be able to see more matresses & furnitures being discarded on the ground floors.

Notice that there are also more foreigners renting flats in this little town , there's some links to the increase of bedbugs with increase of human traffic flow.

My remedy to eliminate bed bugs is to use a solvent "thinner", very fast and effective against bed bugs. Wish you all the best to you in dealing with bed bugs.

I, the author of this blog must NOT be held responsible for any mishap arose from the usage of thinner. Pls exercise care when using thinner, pets & children must not be around when spraying thinner in your homes.
You have to first FINISH reading the Link "My Bed Bug Remedy" provided on the right of this blog before attempting.

Parking Fees @ Jurong Spring CC

Today a worker installing signboards to inform cyclists of the parking fees at Jurong Spring CC.

It really reinforces to me & others that Singapore it's a very "fine" country in the world.

Parking Fess

S$50 -1st time
S$150 -2nd time
S$300 -3rd time
S$500 -4th time
Court -5th time & beyond.

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