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Monday, August 30, 2010

Can you win in MBS and RWS?

Both belong to the class of rich and famous. One is an overseas super-star and the other a multi-millionaire local businessman.

Both end up losing big time to Singapore's 2 golden geese.

The local businessman should had waited for wise man to give his ND speech yesterday.

Those who had gambled before should have known that winner is usually the gambling house. However, there are still more cases that locals are also attracted to the casinos.

One of my friend's brother who lost $300,000 to casinos, we saw him and his family at Sentosa trying his "skills".  
The outcome: donated some money to RWS.

Leave gambling to foreigners

By Elgin Toh , Aug 30, 2010 

"SINGAPOREANS would be 'prudent' to let foreigners do the gambling at the casinos in the two new integrated resorts (IRs).

Such a move will be a 'sure-win' situation, as taxes levied on gambling would boost government coffers, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said yesterday in Chinese at the National Day Rally... "
Straits Times Link

Stories below:
Jay Chou 'loses $2m' in MBS casino
Sg Businessman lost S$26millon in RWS

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