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Friday, September 30, 2011

English Mistake in Taman Jurong Hawker Male Toilet

These wordings are found in a male toilet located 
on the 3rd storey of  Taman Jurong Hawker Centre

Can you spot the spelling and grammar mistake below?

" No Flushing Required
These urinals are treated with 
an eco-frindly  biotechnology "

Anther Cat Yan Yan in Jurong Sick

Tragedy struck one after another in this place within less than a week. After one cat died from felling down a branch, hong hong injured. Now it is Yan Yan's turn to fall sick.

While feeding her last night, Mr Jimy found that Yan Yan's lower body is full of sweat. She has no appetite to eat, only took a few sips of the water.  Her eyes are always "closed" probably suffering...

Jimmy is probably bring her to the new vet Joyous Pet Centre at Jurong West Blk 541 this morning if she doesn't show signs of recovery.
That means his "pocket hole gonna be bigger" and fasting this month ;(

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cat Lover treating a run-away cat in Jurong area.

Treating an injured cat has never been an easy job for this elderly cat-lover Mr Jimmy in this small cat town of Singapore.

This cat named "Hong Hong" has quite a big puncture hole near her throat, Jimmy has to apply Petroleum Jelly to prevent maggots from laying eggs and infesting her wounds. 

While treating her, Jimmy was almost scratched and bitten by Hong Hong.
She stubbornly resisted treament while I was next to him. Later Hong Hong cooperated with his treament when we went over to "her terrritory" on the other side of the road.

The 1st time we saw Hong Hong a few days ago , her injury was quite bloody.
Now so much better, her wound is drying up and she could skip, run,  jump, eat.

Another cat was not so fortunate, she died after sending her to the vet a week ago. Suspected she died from internal injury after falling from a tree branch.

The hospital and vet bill went up to about S$500, which is partly sponsored by another cat lover Mdm Wong living in the same area. In total, Jimmy has to fork out about $150 from his own pocket.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Junk House at Jurong East Blk 315

I was doing volunteer work at Jurong East recently
saw this junk in front of this unit at Jurong East Blk 315.

The next door neighbour told me this householder is a 'depressed' widow who go around collect things and deposit all these treasures in front of her home and also at the vacant space next to his house.

He got headache, every time call Town Council also not much use except can get the Banglah to discard the junks next to his house.

He told me whenever this householder comes home, she has to climb over these stuffs before getting into her house. 

But I still wondering how to knock on her door...can soemone advise me ???

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Foreigners Luggages at Tampines Mall Kopitiam

Exodus of 2 Africans, temporary put their luggages at a vacant lot 
in Kopitaim , Tampines Mall today!

Hope no bed bugs...

Car Reverse into Boon Lay Shopping Center

Ali ba ba car reversed into building to deliver goods at wee hours before 6am.
Like that also can!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bring Your Own Seat on MRT Train

What a way to secure a seat for oneself in crowded train of SMRT!
Saw this chap brought n a white bar stool at Chinatown MRT toward Pasir Ris during peak hour.

Time to be innovative and in future bring my own field chair for my weak old legs , aching whenever can't find a seat on board the train. 

And in addition to that, air-con of many of the trains are not strong or they want to conserve electricity.

China Man Cutting Nails on Sbs Bus to Chinatown Singapore

This China man happily cutting his nails after found a seat next to me on a Sbs Bus to Chinatown in Singapore. 

Making full use of his time. Good example for all youngsters today!

Pregnant Office Lady Standing On SMRT Train

Witness yet another kindness of train passengers
giving up their standing space for a pregnant office lady.

She is carrying her laptop bag and her baby in the womb.

The train heading towards Jurong East is super crowded on a friday evening.

The elderly man carrying walking stick doesn't seem to be able to give up his seat for her.

What about the 2 aunties next to elderly man? 
They are busy chatting... sigh

Thankfully we men do not need to be a seahorse carrying babies.

Who is gonna give up a seat for this pregnant lady?

Maybe i can give up a seat for this pregnant lady? But wait! i'm a carrying a walking stick mysef

Let's wait for the right passenger to give up, back to his sleep

Waiting . . .

Aunty: "I should be giving up my seat for this pregnant lady"

Tired dozing .... zzzzzzz

pregnant lady , pole dancing

Aunty still chatting away , pregnant lady shrudds.

No one helping this pregnant lady? But he need to sleep

Who is gonna give up a seat for this pregnant lady? Forget it !

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Super Girls on Sbs Bus to Clermenti

Watching too much super heroes movie recently?

Spotted a few students wearing a lookalike superman shirt
onboard a Sbs bus to Clementi.

They are still young, grooming to be super heroes for future generation in Singapore!

How we wished there are more of such super heroes in Singapore.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Faithful Man Praying with his Bus Parked At Roadside

Hardly can find some man like him who can stop his mini-bus at the road-side and start to pray religiously even under quite windy conditions.

Spotted @  Anchorvale Lane Blk 309D area, near Seng Kang.

Man start to pray with his mini bus parked at the road side

Man start to pray with his mini bus parked at the road side

Man start to pray with his mini bus parked at the road side  

Man Sleeping With Leg in Air at Anchorvale

This China man must learnt some kind of Qin Gong or Shaolin kung fu , how he can sleep with his legs partly in the air ?

waking up

What The Shit At Anchorvale NTUC Foodfare Toilet

This is really not my day... ali baba toilet no water and shit all over the seat @ NTUC Foodfare. 
See picture below. Warning: before that, pls take your meals first, pics rated not for the ordinary people.

The lady assistant at the grocery shop nearby told me that's 
the only toilet in Anchorvale. 
She said the tenants were all informed about the water supply being "cut off".   
The nearest is 2 bus stops away at Fernvale Point!

Grudgingly bought 2 packs of tissue paper and start rushing to Foodfare, can't "tahan" anymore!

I wonder how they do business without water?

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Gents that look like a Pond at National University Hospital NUH

Today was @ NUH visiting a friend who had an infection from Dialysis. 

I wanted to answer an "Urgent Call" outside his ward as the nurses informed me that the gents inside the ward is only meant for patients.

So i quickly rush to the nearest toilet near Ward 55. 

Guess what I saw?

I couldn't find a place to 'let go' my urine... 
had a hard time figuring out what to do... ali ba ba 

see below: can u figure out what this is use for???

i thought this stylo urinal is a "pond"

Should put a sign to direct users to shoot at it

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