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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cat Lover treating a run-away cat in Jurong area.

Treating an injured cat has never been an easy job for this elderly cat-lover Mr Jimmy in this small cat town of Singapore.

This cat named "Hong Hong" has quite a big puncture hole near her throat, Jimmy has to apply Petroleum Jelly to prevent maggots from laying eggs and infesting her wounds. 

While treating her, Jimmy was almost scratched and bitten by Hong Hong.
She stubbornly resisted treament while I was next to him. Later Hong Hong cooperated with his treament when we went over to "her terrritory" on the other side of the road.

The 1st time we saw Hong Hong a few days ago , her injury was quite bloody.
Now so much better, her wound is drying up and she could skip, run,  jump, eat.

Another cat was not so fortunate, she died after sending her to the vet a week ago. Suspected she died from internal injury after falling from a tree branch.

The hospital and vet bill went up to about S$500, which is partly sponsored by another cat lover Mdm Wong living in the same area. In total, Jimmy has to fork out about $150 from his own pocket.

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