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Monday, March 24, 2014

Supermarket Trolleys abandoned & Stolen on the rise in Jurong

This is crazy , supermarket trolleys of all brands
are being discarded in Jurong.
you can seethem under the Hdb blocks, outside homes, near Mrt stations.
Customers do not have the patience to return the
trolley back to its proper location.
Supermarkets shd have come out with a few collection point
like the post box where the post-man can collect mails at various locations.
Otherwsie the whole Jurong will turn into a messy place
and could be dangerous for resdients in times of disasters like fire.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Chicken Rice for Lunch at Jurong West Blk 907 Coffeshop

Chicken Rice for Lunch at @
Jurong West St 91 Blk 907 Coffeshop today!
(near to Jurong Camp II & Opposite NTU)
Thanks to my bro Boon H
but the Tea-C costs me S$1.30 !
(felt over-charge)
Long Queue!

Old Lady Exercising at Jurong West 987 Area

This morning saw an elderly lady running and exercising
at the exercising corner near Jurong West Blk 987 area.




Drivers Fined for Parking on Yellow or Zig Zag Lines

My friend Boon H and I was discussing
about how nowdays drivers
are now easily being penalised
for parking on
double yellow lines or "zig zag" lines.
All have to make a living but
now its so easy to be fined about S$70
per offence
that many nowadays find it
"more difficult" to make ends meet.
Daily wages of a worker is about S$50 to S$100/ day

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Er Hu Buskering at Yuhua Village Food Centre

Cat Walk on Burner

This kitty is so good at balancing that she can steady
herself on the edge of this burner without falling over.
this is what I call cat-walk!
See this act at @ Boon Lay BLK 208

Bicycle Parked at Boon Lay Blk 187 Are so Messy

Bicycle Parked at Boon Lay Blk 187 are so messy
blocking the passage way of wheelchair users!


Jurong Central Park Resurrected To Life By Rain

Finally these past 3 days of heavy rain restored
Jurong Central Park back to its glory days!

life has jus began... hope this can last for months
pics taken from 16 to 18 Mar 2014

11 Hamsters abandoned near Jurong needs Adoption

11 hamsters abandoned near Jurong
on 17 March 2014.
My despatch friend Boon Hooi
picked them up on his way back home.
Pls adopt if you can.


Thank you

Monday, March 17, 2014

Boon Lay Blk 185 Dangerous Blk Potential Killer Litter

Look out for the unit located @
Blk 185 #10-185

The metal part is getting rusty and
seem like its gonna fall anytime.

Do not walk below this blk 185

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