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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hit & Run Of Cat in Boon Lay Appeal for Witness

Hit & Run accident involving a adult cat named Hong Hong.
Suspected cat was knocked down before 9am today 28 Aug 2014. (Thursday) by a vehicle between Boon Lay Shopping Ctr and Boon Lay NPP (neighbourhood police post). See map below.

Based on photos , hong hong was probably dragged for a few meters before he died on spot. All his organs are exposed and very unsightly. Flies/maggots are seen feasting on the fresh organs that were protruding (pls do not watch if u are fearful of blood and bloody parts).

We are appealing for witnesses of the one who had seen
the accident that took place on 28 Aug 2014, Thursday between 6-9am.

If u are there ,pls reply here or email to

Pics below are very bloody, pls do not scroll down if u are having your meal.
Otherwise the next time you will not order meat.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Travel Free on Mrt before 745am in towns of Singapore

How can u travel from one end of Singapore Boon Lay to central part of SG, Outram Park/ other towns for less than S$0.82 ?

Take a feeder bus from your home (77¢) to nearest MRT station and travel before 7am.

Once u reach central stations*, alight before 745am and tap your ezlink card , its free as the MRT exit gate panel will display nothing.

Free travel project will be extended till 23 June 2015.

* for stations involved in this foc travel pls see below pic,
taken from (see highlighted portion).

Update and info is correct as of May 2014.
Subject to changes.
Pls check with relevant authorities.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Creative Advertisement of Bicycle Shop

Saw this simple yet practical ad at a location opposite Chinese Garden MRT.

Initially thgt someone's bike was stolen as only the front wheel was left there and a pc of A4 paper stick onto it.

When I went nearer to examine,,it was actually a clever ad for a bicycle shop nearby Jurong east.

In the past, inhave seen the same bicycle shop devised some mini flyers tied to bicycles parked at MRT stations with a rubber bands.

Innovative idea rally keeps the business going in this competitive country like Singapore.

Friday, August 08, 2014

PM Lee Visit Redhill Market blk 85

After the pm Lee visit to Redhill market,
I began to realise this stall at #01-19 became
super long queue!

The food there is quite reasonable.
For a plate of bee hoon at only 60 cents, chicken wing $1.20.
Few stalls away, a big bowl of tau huay (soya bean) only 60 cents, cheaper than coffee.

No wonder even pm Lee wants to join in the crowd...

The famous shop opens from 4pm to 10pm
Closed on Mondays.

See queue , join in and u will nerve go wrong...:D

Diagonally opposite Redhill MRT.

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