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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hit & Run Of Cat in Boon Lay Appeal for Witness

Hit & Run accident involving a adult cat named Hong Hong.
Suspected cat was knocked down before 9am today 28 Aug 2014. (Thursday) by a vehicle between Boon Lay Shopping Ctr and Boon Lay NPP (neighbourhood police post). See map below.

Based on photos , hong hong was probably dragged for a few meters before he died on spot. All his organs are exposed and very unsightly. Flies/maggots are seen feasting on the fresh organs that were protruding (pls do not watch if u are fearful of blood and bloody parts).

We are appealing for witnesses of the one who had seen
the accident that took place on 28 Aug 2014, Thursday between 6-9am.

If u are there ,pls reply here or email to

Pics below are very bloody, pls do not scroll down if u are having your meal.
Otherwise the next time you will not order meat.


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