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Friday, June 24, 2011

Long Queue To Collect MyPaper At Jurong Point 730am Sharp

Was at Wendys outside Jurong Point , later joined the queue collect MyPaper at 730am sharp!

The human chain formed into a snake-like u-turn formation but was orderly no one cut queue.

i got mine within 2 mins :)
Free things must queue!

The distributor can only released the papers at 730am sharp!


Legal Loan Ads in Frnt of UOB Bank of Boon Lay

I wonder who will response to the ad pinned to the green metal barriers when 1 can always go to the bank to borrow money?

Recently, there has a spike of ads in the form of "Fast Loans", "Legal Loan" ever since the gambling industry is established here.

Wonder if these so-called legal loan are responsible for the increase of loanshark activities as seen in the picture which I took few days ago.

Loan Shark activity in one of the boon lay hdb flat:

Yellow Tiles Cracking Betwn Boon Lay Blk 213 and Blk 220 near JJC

The yellow tiles are cracking at these two places between Boon Lay Blks 213 and 220,
opposite Jurong Junior College.

The problem seems to lie with vehicles turning that crushed the yellow tiles.

Without the yellow tiles, it could be a problem for visual-hadicapped people to navigate
to know that there is suppose to be a crossing traffic lights junction here.

The cracked yellow tiles may also pose a danger for cyclists or a hindrance to wheelchair users too.

Motor Bikes Breakfast Crowd at Boon Lay Food Village

Motor bikes breakfast crowd at Boon Lay Food Village
during the early hours starting from 630am onwards!

Either carpark lots in Boon Lay hawker center are insufficient or
these mainly Malaysian bikers are rushing for time for work?

Mr Singh has highlighted this problem in BoonLay facebook on Mar 2011 (see link)
seems that this is a ongoing problem that cannot be resolved easily.

The LTA summons them and these bikers are back again the next day....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dead Headless Baby Snake At Boon Lay Drive Blk 264

We saw this baby snake when we were passing by this Blk 264 @ Boon Lay last Sunday 19 June 2011. Wonder where is the mother snake ???

There are quite a thick mini forest behind these few block of Hdb flats in blks 168-170, so I'm not surprise there are wild life likes snakes around here. See Map link HERE

But who is the one who tear off the head of this baby snake, is it cruel?

at first i thgt it was a rubber band left by some kids,
on closer look its a dead baby snake without its head!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nice Sunday Clouds in Boon Lay

clouds are neatly positioned and spread out this cool morning..

Pancakes Sell Like Hot Cakes

I was having my breakfast at Boon Lay Food Village this Sunday morning .

While queuing up for my 70cents pancake , I was stopped by the lady who ordered abt 10 packets.
I overheard it was for event at Boon Lay Blk 206.

This group ordered lots of packets - pancakes sold like hot cakes!

at least 10 packets of pancakes... i wonder how can they finish all???

Boss offered to drive them to blk 206

Ah Hao Pancakes Stall

aunty paying for the pancakes

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moon Eclipse and Avatar Movie Screening At Singapore Science Center on 16 June 2011

Free Movie Screening and Moon Eclipse viewing at Singapore Sceience Center on 16 June 2011 (Wed)

A pity that the morning of 16 June was cloudly and rainning.

Probably have to wait another 7 years at the new location of science Center in Chinese Garden.

More pictures in facebook photo album : see link   (You do NOT need to sign into view )

my turn to see the moon in magnified scale!

let me handle this

full moon

all focusing on the movie screen, who cares about the moon?

its a bird , a plane ,no its Avatar!

how do i aim to shoot down the moon?

toilet break for all...

midnight treats for patrons at Omni Theatre cafe

have you ever seen a men toilet got long queue?



Monday, June 13, 2011

Lady Shoes Locked Up In Display Cabinet of Jurong West HDB Flat

While visiting one of my neighbours here in Jurong West ,
spotted a great lover of Shoes.

the lady owner must be worried that her prized possesions will be stolen,
thats perhaps why she had them all locked up in a cabinet outside her beautiful house!

Patrol Dog Tighten Security At Boon Lay Bus Interchange

Nowadays , dogs proved to be very useful.
Blackie seen patrolling with 4 policemen & 1 Lady at Boon Lay Bus Interchange today!
Security is tighten, less worries over criminal activities in Jurong finally.

Blackie Dog @ Boon Lay Bus Interchange!

4 men,1 lady and a dog

Riding On the Back of a Bigger Tortise

While doing more advertsing work at Yishun, chanced upon a small tortise riding on a bigger one.
You can see this @ the waterfall pond inside Chong Pang CC! Nice ambience.

See video below this post


Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Boon Lay CC in Year 2011

Boon Lay Community Club seems to be ready anytime soon.
Hopefully by July 2011...

S$2.68million brand new Boon Lay CC
Comes with retail outlets, roof garden and cafe, not forgeting an elevator for the tired legs.

Video clip of rejuvanted boon lay cc or see embed youtube below this blog

directory of Boon Lay CC... notice: 1st floor is a Restrauant, wonder what's cooking?

game of basketball with greenery everywhere.
Mind your balls

reception shifted to facing the basketball court

lift for the elderly or the young

air con badminton / multi-function hall

holding a wedding reception here, anyone?

 Temporary Boon Lay CC (below blk 214)

more than 1 year on , papaya at this temporay Boon Lay CC  is gonna be ripe for makan soon...
temp cc housed in a metal container for one year, "xin gu le"

"Our cherished dream of a community club to cater to the needs of all Boon Lay residents has indeed come true.

The new cc will have amenities that will cater to the different needs of the different age groups in Boon Lay. There will be a gym, a childcare centre, a latch key centre, a kitchen, retail outlet and auditorium as well as outdoor facilities. We are all very excited about this new CC. It may not have state-of-the-art architecture or facilities, but what is important is that it captures the very essence of the hearts of the Boon Lay residents. If I have a choice, I will call it - ONE @ Boon Lay.

This new cc would not have been possible if not for the tireless efforts of supporters and key grassroots leaders who helped to raise 2.68 million dollars towards the upgrading. I want to acknowledge with my heart the effort of Mr Tan Fuh Gih who chaired the fund raising project, Mr Ng Soh Kim, Mr Kuek Chiew Peng and supporters like Dr Devindran, Mr Lionel Lee and the Lee Foundation.

Thank you very much."

- Mdm Ho Geok Choo, MP for West Coast GRC & Advisor to Boon Lay Grassroots Organizations
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