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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SBS 179 Broke Down Outside NTU on 27 Jan

SBS Bus 179 Broke Down for no reason
just outside Pioneer exit of NTU!
Heard a loud explosion from the back!
Most probably tire punctured or engine blew up!

All students get down the bus to board the buses behind.

Date: 27 Jan 2014 (Mon)
Time: 440pm
Plate #: SBS 3621P
I took the 179A without realising that it bypass all
bus stops without stopping , I asked the driver to stop

but he can't.

Thus causing me to miss my appointment at Pioneer MRT
where a friend is waiting for me in his car.

what a day ~


Monday, January 27, 2014

Protected Plant at Boon Lay Blk 260

Some chap erected this barrier to prevent others
from disturbing this plant.
Wondering what is this type of plant that needs such protection, highly extinct/endangered species???
Venue: Boon Lay Blk 260
(Somewhere opposite River Valley High School)


God of Fortune Apperaing at Tiong Bahru

Spotted this chap wearing old costumes
from China last Thursday 23 Jan 2014.

He is giving out "goodies" to customers eating
at a kopishop opposite Tiong Bahru MRT.
Followed by a lady and a man.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Statue Busker Roy Thomas Payamal in Tampines

Lets rock!

At first I thought this was a machine playing songs automatically.
When i go nearer,  this 'silver man' started to bend down to his machine and change song tracks ..

Wow ! this is amazing, men in silver moving to the music!

Saw him in Tampines MRT last week!

Lets hope can see him in Jurong East in the distant future!

his music video attached below this blog


Monkey at West Singapore Spotted on 19 Jan 2014

Yesterday 19 Jan 2014, spotted this lone ranger Monkey in the west side of Singapore while cycling.

I took his photo about 3 years ago but he ran away from me very quickly to the tree top.

Now he's more daring to come foward to approach photographers and hunting for left over food in front of us. Quite tame and friendly.

Looking foward to more of such animals here.
See video below:




Jurong East Bus Stop Cat

This cat is too lazy to move around.
She likes to sit on the metal surface of the bus stop.

Commuters enjoy stroking and petting her on her back,
while waiting for the 'super late' bus(es) to arrive.



Friday, January 17, 2014

Cat fight betwn Hong Hong & Xiao Bai at Boon Lay

Cat Fights Resolved
These 2 cats do not like one another

Sneering at each other , Xiao Bai ready to launch a vicious fight while orange cat Hong Hong defending his territory.
In the end, 2 cats ceased fire with photographer breaking out their fights!
Location : Boon Lay Place Blk 200s
Date:16 Jan 2014
Time 9am approx


Shorten My Paper Queue Time for Newspapers

Ever wonder why must wait till a certain timing usually abt 720am to get the free newspaper?

Most of the commuters are ready to collect the papers but My Paper has a ruling for their distributor to start giving at about 720am to 730am.

While TODAY do not seem to have such an issue.

I hope My Paper can start giving out early to avoid the long queues.

Pls keep up the great job in writing news-worthy articles for the public!

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