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Monday, February 28, 2011

Bulldozer Along Boon Lay Way

Bulldozer look-alike travelling on Boon Lay Way (Chinese Garden MRT to Lakeside MRT)
The Most Tiring 7Minutes Bicycle  Ride I Ever Had On This Road
With Only 1 Hand Shooting The Video With My Phone!

Taman Jurong Blk 152 Window Hanging Dangerously

Can anyone safely walk below this 3rd floor hdb unit?

Near Yung Ho Road , Opposite Cisco Recall
Window hanging, looks as if gonna fall anytime!

If the owner has no time or money to fix it up, can request the town council to assist?
Hope the winds are not strong enough to blow the window away.

Click image below to enlarge:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Metal Railings Protruding Out Of Lorry near boon lay market

Ladder and metal railings protruding out of his lorry with no canopy.

What on earth is this driver to do ?

Picture taken on 24 Feb 2011, around 9am.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Convoy at OG Rochor Road

I asked some of the pedestrains if the traffic lights are okay.
why do they not cross the road when the 'greeeen man' is blinking.
one ah pek retorted:
"Special Convoy rolled by OG, Rochor Road !
You Cross Now , will Kana Summon by TP ! "

Special Convoy at around 4pm today!

ToTo Queue near Chong Pang CC

The video below really shows how many Singaporeans are crazy about ToTo....
of cos' the prize money of S$11 million draw at Marina Bay Sands tonight 930pm!

Even the ChannelNewsAsia Cameraman was here earlier to shoot a video of the crowd here!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Specky Girl Lying At NTU Canteen One 1 Like A Sleeping Buddha

This little pink specky girl caught my attention while i was having my breakfast yesterday at NTU Canteen 1.

I was wondering why her guardians/mum did not stop her from lying on the bench (or shall I say sleeping ?) .

She was just "sitting" at table next to mine, very comfortably fiddling with her gadget very likely her mobile phone. I presume probably is due to the air-con in NTU Canteen 1 that makes her lie down liek that.

Can she not expose and stick her toes out at me?
And mind you, she is a girl shouldn't she behave like one sitting gracefully on the bench provided ?
I guess your pet can do better than her.

Fortunately she don't have smelly legs... lol

What do you think of her behaviour, free to comments in box provided below.

Really Ali Ba Ba!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Pottery Sale at Sg Pasar Malem CNY 6 Feb 2011

On the last public holidays day of CNY - 6 Feb 2011, this pasar malem stall is still seen
selling pottery and china stuffs. 
One of the 3 partners from China will be sleeping overnight at the stall to 'juga' (guarding).

Next morning saw one of them brushing teeth with one of the pottery cups.

I always thought they are clearing all these delicate items at low prices since
one of their red poster indicates " Give Money , Will Sell " in Chinese.

It's already the last day of their rental and they are still selling the big goldfish white bowls at
exorbitant prices, one of them told me its supposed to be S$300, now sell me for S$180 only.

Really Ali Ba Ba!

Give Money , Will Sell

Big Goldfish Bowls "Clearing Sale" @ SGD180 (last day 7 Feb 11" Sun)

brushing his teeth with one of the pottery cups

crowd coming in around 830am

good sale on the last day 7 Feb 11" (Sun)
Lease of Pasar Malem expiring on the night
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