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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Specky Girl Lying At NTU Canteen One 1 Like A Sleeping Buddha

This little pink specky girl caught my attention while i was having my breakfast yesterday at NTU Canteen 1.

I was wondering why her guardians/mum did not stop her from lying on the bench (or shall I say sleeping ?) .

She was just "sitting" at table next to mine, very comfortably fiddling with her gadget very likely her mobile phone. I presume probably is due to the air-con in NTU Canteen 1 that makes her lie down liek that.

Can she not expose and stick her toes out at me?
And mind you, she is a girl shouldn't she behave like one sitting gracefully on the bench provided ?
I guess your pet can do better than her.

Fortunately she don't have smelly legs... lol

What do you think of her behaviour, free to comments in box provided below.

Really Ali Ba Ba!

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