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Monday, October 17, 2011

CSP Certified Service Professional 17 Oct 2011

Recently signed up a CSP course with the support of CDC.

Today is the 1st day of training with Ms Norin, 30 years of experience
in the service industry like SIA, general manager of a retail outlet.
And conducted training in service excellence for banking group, 

She has been teaching for the past 3 years ever since WDA started this course.
Trainer Ms Norin presenting to us

Today 1st day the dress code of most of my classmates is not appropriate.
Tomorrow onwards must start wearing shirt, pants and shoes.

In the class we have retirees, working persons who wanted to upgarde themselves.
One of my classmate is an Enginner from China seem unhappy to attend this class as he is being "arrowed" to go for this training.

First day of training touched on changing our mindset and having a positive frame of mind. I reckon he already cannot pass since he is unable to fully accept the reality of life.

Trainer Ms Norin providing a bin for us to throw our negative thoughts

Lecture and Screen

Classmate examining the positive statements on the wall

Rules and Regulations (Blue paper)
Pink Notes:  Positive Thoughts of a Sevice Industry

Duty Rooster for Service Host and Banquet Teams
We'r T4 : svc host for day 2, serving meal on days 3 & 5

I dun know whatis this form for?
CSP WSQ Application Form

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Indian Cricket At Jurong West Blk 527 Basketball Court

Fancy a game of Cricket at Jurong West Blk 527 ?

This morning saw this group of Indians playing cricket at this basketball court while another group continues their basketball match on the opposite side. 

Seems like land here is really very scarce and lack of vacant space 
for ball games like cricket and baseball, sponsor anyone?


Saloon Price War Betwn Snip Avenue and New Station at Hong Kah Point

Looks like its another "cut-throat" price war brewing between these 2 rivals again. Now starring at Jurong West Blk 504 (Hong Kah Point!) 

Last week, New Station came up with a hair-cut price of just S$1 and Snip Avenue retaliate back with a 80 cents poster at its glass door. See below pictures.

Wonder when the promotion will end and will the price be brought down to 50 cents or lagi best foc , how on earth do they make any profit ? ? ?

How happy to be a man these days...   ;D

S$1 Hair Cut @ New Station, Jurong West Blk 504

New Station @ Hong Kah Point - Jurong West Blk 504

Snip Avenue @ Hong Kah Point, Town Council
80cents Hair Cut ? @ Snip Avenue,Hong Kah Point

Hong Kah Point - Jurong West Blk 504

Friday, October 14, 2011

New Double Layer Bicycle Racks At Lakeside MRT

New double Bicycle Racks at  Lakeside MRT station.
Similar to the design in Pasir Ris MRT area!

Finally can solve the over bicycle over crowding problem in Lakeside.

I wonder when are the racks gonna install over at Boon Lay MRT?

Demo Video of Parking Bike

Remove Bicycle Notice by West Coast Town Council at Boon Lay Blk 215

Cat feeder Mr Jimmy told me that one of the residents Ah Soon had his bicycle
cut by a banglah employed by the town council, i thought he was joking with me.

Later heard that Ah Soon made a police report and apparently classified as "Theft" Case.
To be confirmed.

He subsequently paid a visit to Boon Lay MP Mr Lawrence Wong during the "Meet the People Session" on Monday.

Saw this notice while doing flyer distributions at Boon lay Blk 215!
Remove Bicycle Notice by West Coast ayer Rajah Town Council at Boon Lay Blk 215 8th Floor.

8Oct2011 Fatal Accident next to Boon Lay CC near the Church of Francis of Assisi

Fatal Accident next to Boon Lay CC and near the Church of Francis of Assisi .

Came back after field service on a hot Saturday 3pm noon 8 Oct 2011.

Surprised to see a crowd of people congregating near CC area.

Now police appealing for witnesses to this fatal accident.
Anyone saw the whole accident ?

Friday, October 07, 2011

Do Do The Jack Rusell

By far the most playful dog i ever come across in Singapore.

Guarantee you won't be bored with her , but your stamina must be good ! She can run and hop onto you non-stop when i was at my friend place BHooi & May last nite opposite NTU.

Do Do hop onto the table, need a pat on her body!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Blind Man Massage At Boon Lay Food Village

Anyone try this blind man's massage service ?
I was passing by last nite, attracted by the strong aromatic medicated oil.  
Tian seng coffee stall boss Ah Hao was so tired that I suggested him to get a good massage, his eyes already half zombie land. Time to get a good rub! ;D

Blind man massager Mr Ismail taking a rest while waiting for his customers.
Customers still not here

Front Entrance of Boon Lay Food Village.  SBS Bus 99,240,246

Ad poster detailing Mr Ismail's massage service
Mr Ismail massaging and cleaning himself

His Service Charge

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