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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Boon Lay Count Down 2015 info

Dear Party animals,
Take note of count down in boon lay.
Free goodie bag to be collected around 6-7pm.
Fireworks will blast off at 12 midnite sharp!
Pls proceed to watch it before 1140pm.

Pls stay tune to Facebook Group for updates.
Link ★  ★
Click here

Pls do not disturb the community cats and
keep the place clean after the partying.
Take care of your belongings
Take care of yr surroundings
Come with friends if possible
Pls do not cycle or drive here.

Enjoy the performance.

Play safe.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Boy Hand Stuck in Lift at Suntec Bookfest event on 13 Dec Sat 230pm

Omy to Popular Bookfest 2014 at Suntec City, Heard this little boy shouting like the world is falling down when I exit the other lift next to his.

To my shock, one of his hands was inside the lift door and he was terrified screaming his way and keep calling out for his mommy.

Many macho men came to his rescue ,including the security .
In what seem to be a lifetime for the young boy, his hand was freedin less than 3 mins with help of passerby and security. The men shouted in unity 123 and used up all their cow strength to 'pry open' the metal door so that his hand can slide out but it took a while as he was very scared and in tears .

To all parents , pls keep a look out for your child safety while on the elevator or any thing that their little limbs can squeeze in.

It was a really scary incident, if without the help of men, this boy hand may be fractured or broken.

In future when I bring my pri school students for trails and events, I will relate this experience to them.

Maybe can even show them these pics on my blog

Be safe

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