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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jurong West Blk 527 Fountain Demolished on 31 March 2011

What A Pity To Take Down This Foundtain!

top view of the Jurong West Blk 527 Fountain Reworks

Ground Zero , Nothing Left For This Fountain

Banglah removing the metallic debris and upload onto a lorry

uncle salvage the vegetation herbs from what remains after demolition

Girl Pretend To Sleep On MRT Train

Girl who wore a pair of sunglasses fell asleep and did not bother to give up "her seat" to the elderly in front of her. She thought nobody will recognise her and continues to sleep throughout the whole journey.

The aunties sitting 3 seats away from her commented that young people nowadays good at pretending to fall sleep on Mrt trains.

There's also a wheelchair user nearby in the cabin when they get down at Jur East Mrt.

This girl also used the lift for the elderly when she got down at Chinese Garden Mrt (not shown here).

The video below the 3 pics tells it all:

aunty complain youngsters nowadays dun give up seats for them (yawn)

this boy caught sleeping at the other end

sunglasses girl pretend to sleep thru out mrt journey

Shaking Man at Boon Lay Place HDB

Can someone tell me what this gentleman is doing?
Saw him while visting my friend in Boon Lay Blk 211.

Jurong Lake South Promenade and Viewing Deck Hot Day Tour

Beautiful Scenery, Perfect Resting Place, Fresh Air and Fishing Deck.

Have you been to the newly makeover Jurong Lake recently?
If not, take a bus 154, 240 alight one stop after Lakeside Mrt to start your active lifestyle here.

See video at this blog below.

Video of Jurong Lake makeover

Naked Man Cycling To TradeHub21 Along Boon Lay Way on a Hot Day

Nowadays super hot weather, spotted this male cyclist half-undressed
on his bicycle along Boon Lay Way yesterday!

I stopped at Chevron to get some SAF Foot Powder for my friend Teck Sing,
this man still continuing his "naked" journey toward Tradehub 21.  

If you watched the video below towards the end segment (@ 2.36-2.40 sec),
he rings the pedestrains crossing the traffic lights between Jurong East Interchange and IMM.
This location is next to the construction site of the 550 beds Jurong Hospital
(ready by 2015 see news)

Can see how tired and hot he is ....

naked cyclist parking next to a police van while waiting for traffic lights to turn green

naked cyclist parking next to a police van while waiting for traffic lights to turn green

naked cyclist slided his bike at the traffic lights near IMM

naked cyclist stopped for traffic lights to turn green

naked cyclist moved out after traffic lights turned green

Video Clip
(did you notice how hot the weather is ?)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Man and Machine at Boon Lay Blk 208

Banglah skillfully driving giant machine into the low building next to Boon Lay Blk 208.
Class A license!
See how he manouevred his big toy machine into this shelter without a single mishap.
Foreign Talent!

Dream Land Farming in Boon Lay Blk 211

Yesetrday, I went to look my friend at this hdb blk in Boon Lay and saw this plot of land being utilised as a "farm" . Curiously I asked about this plot of land, my friend's mum told me this land belongs to 1 of the housedolder on the 1st floor of Blk 211, not the government.

This householder whom I called him Mr Rich bought this land from HDB for a sum (maybe around ~S$15,000, can't remember how much). Mr Rich used to lived in a bungalow and downgraded to this 3-room hdb flat few years ago.

After paying off for this 3room hdb flat and with some spare cash on hand after selling the bungalow, he/she bought this plot land for farming plants/fruits trees and keeping some animals. Very ideal for gathering and relaxing!

Maybe I should start to save up for my plot of dream land from today !

Green Corridor at Jurong West Blk 444

BIG : Beautiful , Ideal, Green is how I can describe this stretch of super-green corridor
outside this HDB flat @ Jurong West , Blk 444  - mid floor!

Tell me how many of you can make such BIG corridors, if you any of such pictures
do send to me at with your address and details.

Crossing Road in front of Boon Lay Shopping Center

Many elderly residents and the younger ones in Boon Lay often find it difficult to cross this road safely, especially at night !

I have also seen residents pushed their friends on wheelchairs struggling to cross over to the beautiful park leading to Blks 207 to 211. Its like a hungry snail crawling for a meal over to the opposite green pasture. Can be very clumsy and dangerous at times!

The reason could be mainly due to bigger vehicles parking along the double yellow-lines and thus blocking the views of commuters who are trying to cross over to their homes opposite, often-times you can see necks stretching out to see what's behind the parked-vehicle until we are almost gonna be a giraffe. 

The lights condition on the roads here can be quite dim and "warm" at night, making it more challenging for us to guage whether is it safe to cross over. Its like wearing a pair of sunglasses on a sunny day.
I know of many residents friends who can't see well due to old age or diabetes, so maybe present an issue.

We hope the RC, authorities can build a temporary side parking-lots for these drivers who need to get their things from the shopping center. Or maybe build a bridge/ underpass , traffic lights in front of BLSC?

If there's any better suggestions, pls feel free to jog down your constructive comments below this blog.

passengers waiting for taxi and tour buses  in front of boon lay shopping center

Tour bus driver reversing to Boon Lay Shopping Center after he found out he made a
wrong route to former Savoy and MacDonald in the day.

Video of Boon Lay Shopping Center by Day

Snake Catching at Jurong West Bk 423 next to Jurong Green CC

Bro Snake (大哥) playing hid-and-seek with the policemen @ Jurong West Blk 423 next to Jurong Green Community Club .

Before I arrived here for some volunteer work, Nelson texted me earlier that there is a drama unfolding here.

Initially I thgt it's a crime or robbery going on here when I arrived and saw so many uncles/aunty-in-blue standing around.

Guess what? It turned out to be a snake playing up on a tree. An onlooker aunty told me it's snake hiding inside the tree , i thgt its a 3metre python, it turned out to be a mini-snake.. Hope this tree did not lose much leaves ... i wonder how on earth did this bro snake find its way here ? ? ?  ali ba ba

Speech by Minister for Home Affairs and Law, Mr K Shanmugam on 9-March-2011 The Costs of Police Involvement in Community Disputes :

14 Currently, the Police are often called to address problems which are neither crime-related nor pose a real threat to public security. Many of these calls related to noise disturbance, anti-social behaviour and other similar issues – which do not raise any law and order questions. Police are at times even called in to deal with monkeys, or snakes, or pet animals which are trapped.

15 To the callers, no doubt, these are urgent and important matters, and it is understandable that every caller wants his case to be treated as a priority. But handling such matters diverts police resources which could be better spent dealing with crime and public order incidents. Last year, the Police had more than 430,000 non-urgent calls. This works out to almost 1,200 a day. The Police receive three non-urgent calls to every one urgent call by a person in real need for Police intervention.

-see link

Videos and pics below:
police on the lookout and maintain law/order
while onlookers watching drama unfolding from a distance

the snake catchers probably borrowed this cherry-picker from a bangla nearby for help

video clips

catching snake with a cherry picker, instead of picking fruits, can't really see the snake though... :(

safely insert the snake into a cat / dog cage

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Popular Shopping At Hong Kah Point Jurong West Blk 502

Every morning , pasar-malem style stalls will be setup outside the retail shops (within yellow box).
You can buy lady dress of many varities,bags of all sizes, natural insect repellants, sometimes fruits strawberry can be found here.

This popular neighbourhood shopping venue in Jurong West used to attract at least 1 million visitors monthly.
Looking at the video clip below really testify the truth above!

Video Tour of Hong Kah Point


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