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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

狗急跳墙 Dog Jump When Urgent But Humans Not So

As Chinese Saying Goes: : 狗急跳墙 A dog will jump over a wall when cornered.
This intelligent dog name Xiao Hei 小黑 surely knows how to control herself until the owner took her down for a pee-break.

What about humans when they are 'urgent'?

I can't believe when my friend Raymond told me an Indian foreigner just relieved himself
at his HDB void deck recently with the presence of his wife around. Of cos that foreigner got a good scolding from my friend at night.

I personally also seen one Indian urinating at a tree near my place's food centre with one of his
Indian friend 'watching the water ' for him.

I was wondering in both instances, why dun they just rush for the loo when it's just round the corner
(under 1min if they can run holding the urge).

If a dog like Xiao Hei can do it, so can they.

Let us keep the Singapore environment clean and nice.

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