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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sick Cat Pukes at Jurong West

This cat vomits 4 times at Jurong West blk 529 area.
What happen to her I'm not really sure but this video tells it all.

The interesting and funny part of this clip is after dirtying the place, this cat is
so considerate that she smells at the her vomits, then she tries to clean up the
soiled area by "pushing the vomits with her paws" .
I wonder what she's doing???
(skip to the portion after the 45th second).

After watching on my phone, my friend Ken told me it could be posioned.
Maybe she ate too much of the dry cat food pellets.

Pls take your meals before watching this video, it contains scenes that you will sure find disgusting (unless you're insane) ... lol :D

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