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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Friendly & Good Service Standards in Jurong Boon Lay

Below are some examples of helpful services provided in Boon Lay of Singapore.
IMO, besides the quality of your products, service standards of your staff are a
good guage of whether your business can attract customers more than the others.
Good sevice practice can also retain your customers and ensure repeat orders.

I remember when i was in an army camp while going thru ICT, I overheard an Army Corporal
loudly requesting the cookhouse IC to deploy the Indian server Recruit Samson to "sign on"
lunch and dinner server duty. Reason?

The Coporal enjoys Recruit Samson's smile and he can eat better with him around. Furthermore, Samson can actually remembers individual names of some 50 army staff and their likes/dislikes of certain food. The other Chinese server always had an unfriendly look and don't really concern about what they like. If they ask for more food, he will just give begrudingly or not even at all as the food ration not sufficient. The Army Coporal can't carry on his meal with this Chinese server around.

With Samson around, he will come more often and usually will ask for more as his appetite is big.

What important role a simple smile and sincere service makes a big difference in this instance ...!

Video 1 : NTUC Fair Price, 2nd floor of Boon Lay Shopping Center
Smiling lady cashier on Tues nite 8pm , 22 March 2011

Video 2: Helpful lady waitress at 221B Boon Lay Place Food Village
(specialise in sugarcane & coffee)

She's always on the move ,running around and remembers your drinks order well.

Video 3: Friendly and smiling waitress at Jurong West blk496 grey chair coffeeshop!
Sells Char Siew rice and Wan Tun Mee

4th video: Friendly uncle selling mee feng at Boon Lay Place Food Village
...he likes to joke and enjoys showing hand signals...
Yao Heng : facing Chinese Temple (near to soya bean stall)

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