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Sunday, March 27, 2011

No Soap at Washing Basins in Boon Lay Place

As of March 2011, there's seem to be a lack of proper soap dispensers at washing points in this Boon Lay Place Food Village hawker center. Even if there are any around, the soap dispensers are usually kosong (empty) or inadequate.

It makes me/us wonder if washing our hands with solely water is sufficient as there are many foreign workers and citizens from a different heartland flocking to this area for good food. Ocassionally i can see customers trying hard to remove grease and dirts on their hands after a meal but to no avail.

Along with their parents, there are a handful of children coming here for their meals too, they also need proper guidance on good sanitization practices as taught in kindergartens they attended.

Hope there will be anti-germs liquid soap provided in makan places around Boon Lay.
It will difinitely incurr lots of monthly expense costs to implement such a request, ask oursleves is it worth the trouble and money?
Money can't buy health, as the saying goes: "Prevention is still much better than Fighting a Fire."

No Soap Dispenser @ Boon Lay Pace Food Village

Metallic Soap Dispenser Empty
@ Boon Lay Pace Food Village Dish Washing point

Empty Soap Dispenser @ Boon Lay Kopitiam (near hawker centr/ market)

MyPledge OK Hawker Center @ Boon Lay Place Food Village
Notice point No. 3 : Practise Good Personal Hygiene and Toilet Etiquette

Using Soap To Reduce Germ Count Up to 99%

Is This Dish-Washing Liquid @ Boon Lay Food Village Toilet?

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