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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Girl Pretend To Sleep On MRT Train

Girl who wore a pair of sunglasses fell asleep and did not bother to give up "her seat" to the elderly in front of her. She thought nobody will recognise her and continues to sleep throughout the whole journey.

The aunties sitting 3 seats away from her commented that young people nowadays good at pretending to fall sleep on Mrt trains.

There's also a wheelchair user nearby in the cabin when they get down at Jur East Mrt.

This girl also used the lift for the elderly when she got down at Chinese Garden Mrt (not shown here).

The video below the 3 pics tells it all:

aunty complain youngsters nowadays dun give up seats for them (yawn)

this boy caught sleeping at the other end

sunglasses girl pretend to sleep thru out mrt journey

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