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Sunday, March 20, 2011

My sick ranchu goldfish video

After posting this blog, Goldfishy of Arofanatics replied that it could be due to pH crashed.
i did a check indeed water pH ramp up to ~6.0.... so bought a bag of Coral Chips from C328 (clementi blk 328) and the water condition stabilised to clear crystal quality and pH went to abt 6.8!

Thanks! the 2 Ranchus finally back to their former hyperactive state!
I'm so happy :)  Video as below

(=  formerly posted  =)

My 2 Ranchus quite sickly , water filled with white stools even after
many times of wc water-change with API Genesis (anti-chlorimide solution).
Water parameters : normal. but pH=~6.0 to 6.2
He is formerly hyperactive as previously posted in Arofanatics Forums on 29 Sep 2010:

I do WC with Gensis API frequently and tried using this water treatment solution Baktopur from C328 (Clementi Lfs at blk 328) , seem to work a bit.

Pics below:

bottle and ingredients

usage and dosage instructions

Pls see video of the sickly ranchus below:

Video of Ranchu Back To Good Health
(after using coral chips from Clementi Blk 328 #01-210, Clementi Florists & Aquarium)

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