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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Snake Catching at Jurong West Bk 423 next to Jurong Green CC

Bro Snake (大哥) playing hid-and-seek with the policemen @ Jurong West Blk 423 next to Jurong Green Community Club .

Before I arrived here for some volunteer work, Nelson texted me earlier that there is a drama unfolding here.

Initially I thgt it's a crime or robbery going on here when I arrived and saw so many uncles/aunty-in-blue standing around.

Guess what? It turned out to be a snake playing up on a tree. An onlooker aunty told me it's snake hiding inside the tree , i thgt its a 3metre python, it turned out to be a mini-snake.. Hope this tree did not lose much leaves ... i wonder how on earth did this bro snake find its way here ? ? ?  ali ba ba

Speech by Minister for Home Affairs and Law, Mr K Shanmugam on 9-March-2011 The Costs of Police Involvement in Community Disputes :

14 Currently, the Police are often called to address problems which are neither crime-related nor pose a real threat to public security. Many of these calls related to noise disturbance, anti-social behaviour and other similar issues – which do not raise any law and order questions. Police are at times even called in to deal with monkeys, or snakes, or pet animals which are trapped.

15 To the callers, no doubt, these are urgent and important matters, and it is understandable that every caller wants his case to be treated as a priority. But handling such matters diverts police resources which could be better spent dealing with crime and public order incidents. Last year, the Police had more than 430,000 non-urgent calls. This works out to almost 1,200 a day. The Police receive three non-urgent calls to every one urgent call by a person in real need for Police intervention.

-see link

Videos and pics below:
police on the lookout and maintain law/order
while onlookers watching drama unfolding from a distance

the snake catchers probably borrowed this cherry-picker from a bangla nearby for help

video clips

catching snake with a cherry picker, instead of picking fruits, can't really see the snake though... :(

safely insert the snake into a cat / dog cage

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