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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Boy Urinating At Tree in Jurong West

A boy in uniform was seen urinating at a tree at Jurong West blk 456,
near a coffeshop named Mr Teh Tarik.

My friend Derek was with me, immediately pointed at the boy not to
dirty the nature and indencently expose himself in broad daylight!

This urinating problems are not only confine to young boys or girls but
also among the banglah in Jurong area....
I personally has seen a indian man pull out his trouser and urinated at a tree
in the night while his friend "watch water" for him. My friend Raymond in
Taman Jurong was with his wife and the same thing happen, this time he
shouted at the indian, quickly ran away thinking that maybe he is a

i can't understand why they can't rush for the toilet where its just about
2-3 minutes away and its free of charge. Are they thinking of "fertilizing"
the poor under nourished tree or plant???

These people should really train for their 2.4km or 100 meters dash for the next Asian games...

As below, click pics below to enlarge.

Spotted a boy urinating from far

Oei! Boi huh!
What are you doing ???

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