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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boon Lay Shopping Center

Buying things in Boon Lay is always the most convienient and easiest. There are many many new shops poping up Boon Lay Shopping.

For example more Mynamar Shops, Massage Centers, Mobile Phone Shops and Cybernets are coming up these recent years.

How to Get to Boon Lay Shopping Center:
Buses: 99, 240, 246.

Take 240 and alight 3 stops after Lakeside MRT.
Take 240 and alight 4 stops after Boon Lay MRT.

Click each picture below to enlarge:
Boon Lay Shopping Center Front
Bus Stop: SBS No: 99, 240, 246
Nearest MRT: Lakeside and Boon Lay

All Best Currency Exchange
in front of Boon Lay Shopping Center
Wheelchair Friendly Shopping Complex

Boon Lay Shopping Center Parking Fees
Motorbikes S$0.65/session | Car: S$0.50 / 30mins | Lorry: S$1.00/ 30mins
(Mon - Sat  0700hrs- 700hrs)

 Boon Lay Shopping Center
Long Shelter To Bus Stop

 Boon Lay Shopping Center
Mobile Kiosk on 1st Level offering:
Sale of CDs, Trg Courses, Fashion, etc

 Boon Lay Shopping Center
Super66 : Budget Hardware and Common Household Items

BoonLay221 Coffeshop
under the bridge , formerly Jia Sheng
 Boon Lay Shopping Center

 Boon Lay Shopping Center

Boon Lay Shopping Center Event Hall

 Boon Lay Shopping Center Medical Hall

2nd Level
 Boon Lay Shopping Center 
2nd Level NTUC Fair Price

 Boon Lay Shopping Center
2nd level Grassland

 Boon Lay Shopping Center
Betting center  NTUC Fair Price

 Boon Lay Shopping Center
NTUC and POSB ATM Machine x 1

 Boon Lay Shopping Center
Massage Center and 7 Days Furniture Shop (2nd level)

                                    Video Clip of second level of Boon Lay Shopping Center

Proposed Improvement Works to Boon Lay Shopping Center


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