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Monday, August 27, 2012

Cat Sleep Under Bicycle

This friendly cat Hong Hong knows how to use the lift to go up to higher levels of hdb flat. 

He likes to sleep under a bicycle parked outside the corridor. 

Strange behavior but nonetheless nice to watch his sleeping habits.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Cats trapped on the 2nd floor of boon Lay

In less than a week, two cats were trapped on the 2nd floor of a hdb block in Boon Lay.  The first incident is a white cat and second is a black tabby which happened this morning.

The cats can't come down to eat as the position where they are in is "too high" for them to jump down. 

As such, someone has to climb over the parapet wall to bring them safely to the other side of the wall.  

These 2 incidents happened between 21 to 24 Aug 2012.

Suspected someone has been trying to put the cats on the ledge. 
As a result, the trapped cats won't be able to hunt for food or take shelter from the rain.

Hope there won't be a third incident. 

White cat sleeping on the 2nd floor wall ledge.

Black tabby trapped on the 2nd floor wall ledge.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mustafa on public holiday

Was at Mustafa on a public holiday today. 

Believe me, it was so crowded that the security officers at the front entrance has to refer customers to go in by other entrances. 

Due to safety regulations, they won't allow too many people to walk into the shopping mall.

Hence if possible try not to go there on a holiday. Shop during the weekdays will be better.

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