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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Singapore Election Campaigns PAP vs Opposition

The battle has began! All wards are contested except one walkover (GE 2011 contests link)
While rushing for an appt with my retiree friend Nelson at Jurong West ,
saw a lot of MIW men /women in white when i passed by JJC .

Nomination Day 27 April 2011 (Wed) : PAP supporters Gathering @ Jurong West Blk 538 , next to JJC

MIW (men in white) supporters Outside JJC on nomination day!

some resting under viod deck of hdb flat next to JJC

A rubbish collector stucked outside JJC gate.

I thgt they are from RI or some sort of institutions.
Upon me closer examination reveals that they are PAP supporters and candidates.

These PAP members and supporters drew my attention as they are "making waves"
(sounds) at the viod deck of HDB flat next to Jurong Junior College. 

I'v never seen such a mass gathering at a hdb area in my life.

Later when it was announced in the afternoon that there will be a contestant from the opposition SDP, a PAP's vehicle is seen patrolling around Boon Lay broadcasting the party's message in various languages which include Dialect, Chinese , Cantonese, Malay and Tamil during the evening about 6pm.
I guess its from the PM and his election candidates .

See video below.

PAP Election mobile Message Broadcast in Boon Lay Blk 210 to 215

The SDP vehicle is also seen installing the party's posters and flags symbols on lamp posts along Jurong East Ave 1 quite late around 6pm while all the PAP posters are already up the lamp posts before 5pm!

GE Guide 

Video of PAP vehicle Broadcasting Election Message in Boon Lay on Nomination Day ~6pm
in various languages: "... vote for party to secure your future..."

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Neon Lights Bicycle

We have neon lights kites in the skies, now there are also flashing neons on land.
This male cyclist likes to ride around Jurong West in neon lightings!
Maybe he is worried that the cars and bikes can't see him clearly at night.
Wonder when can i start riding such a beautiful bike?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Maid in Singapore Really Good At Multi Tasking

Our domestic helpers in Singapore really deserves another look and our praises.
They are not only good in multi-tasking ... carry bags for NS man, etc

Now they can also handle 2 big dogs... this maid i bump into @ WestWood (near Gek Poh).

When will our young boyz be like them, handling 2 things at one go?

Power Slogan Ad

Recently while doing some advertisments around Harbour Front, saw this one-of-a-kind
A4 notice paper ad pasted onto a power box managed by Sg Power.

It reads:
"Absolute Power Corrupts ...Govt Eyes Plasterd by $... etc"

I wonder why the advertiser didn't leave down his number and email?

At least can contact him to write some ads... lol

Skechers Girls At Jurong Point

Nowadays businesses really are good at coming up with creative ideas to attract buyers.

Take for  example the recent show at Jurong Point from 22 to24 April 2011.
Catwalk time slots: 230pm, 530pm, 730pm

They had healthy girls dressed as sport women with a heart shape stick to their bottoms.
This are the sport shoes they are trying to promote

and sandals

Logo reads something like: "Let Your Bottom Half  Be Your Better Half."

I asked my  friend Nelson what's that ?
He just smile and says it's just another show.

Video : Sporty Girls in Their Oufits Gears

Video : Skecher Girls Fashion Show

Skechers Girls in their different roles

Skechers Girlsposing for group photo

Skechers Exhibition Jurong Point next to Pizza Hut 1st Floor

Heart sign on each girls' bottom

Skechers Fashion 1

Skechers Fashion 2

Skechers Fashion 3

Skechers Fashion 4

Skechers Fashion 5

Skechers Fashion 6

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is Begging More Professional Now

There's seem to be more young ones asking for money on Sg's streets recently, isn't it?

Just yesterday on the eve of Good Fri 21 Apr while meeting up with an old friend Quek
in Choa Chu Kang, one young man dressed in polo shirts and short pants approached me
pointing one of his fingers at me.

I thought he is scolding me or challenging me for a fight.
When I enquired what is it regarding, he replied me "10cents pleassseee".
I ask why he needed 10cents , is it for toilet entry? He told me it's for him to buy some food.
My mind immediately told me he is begging for money, straight away refuse his requests.

Then on a Good Friday's platinum club gathering with 3 kaki friends in Jurong Point's MOS Burger outlet,
a young lady dressed in an orange shirt approached my friend Ee who's sitting next to me during our conversations.

I continued my converstion with Quek and Nelson while this young lady was busy engaging a heart-to-heart talk with Ee. I quietly asked Quek and Nelson do they know this lady who's talking to Ee?

Both shaked their heads at me. I became a bit blur as to why this young lady came to talk to us...

i managed to take a photo of this young lady beggar
while I order my food at MOS Burger in Jurong  Point
I then turned my attention to Ee and enquire who is this young lady in orange. To my surprise, Ee doesn't even know her. My friend Ee thought that I and Quek knew this young lady as he saw her smiling at both Quek and myself. Later I realised this young lady asked Ee for 50 cents and Ee handed her S$2 instead.
Throughout the episode this lady did not reveal her name , she just told us she is 26 years old which i doubt so. She said something like all of us old men here can become young one day and etc,etc. She even asked Ee if he can take her out for a meal later.

She even sat next to my friend Nelson after Ee gave her S$2. I thought she will leave after getting what she wants, never in my mind did i expect her to sit amongst us as we have some personal mattters to discuss.
She said she likes to converse and hang out with "elderly people" like us.

I hope she is not going around asking for money with an ulterior motive when she can still work or worse still , becoming a 'social escort' or engaging in some kind of illegal activities.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Cycling to Kranji

While on my way to Woodlands via Kranji, noticed some action packed
cyclists and sports enthusiasts on this sunny hot Good Friday 22 April 2011!
Cyclists peddling their way to Kranji Road

Evidence of Global Warming can be easily felt while cycling on an early morning.
The sun is blazing hot even though inside forested area in Singapore !

Lim Chu Kang Road : Emergency landing site for F16s

Video Tour De Kranji Part 1: look out for some sport cars action
@ Lim Chu Kang Rd next to Tengah Air Base!
Jump to 1:55 seconds to see sports cars fans!

Video Tour De Kranji Part 2:

Video Tour De Kranji Part 3:

Boon Lay Shopping Center Road Congestion

Didn't know Boon Lay Shopping Center can be such a popular spot for
Singaporeans during the eve of a public holiday (22 Apr 2011 - Good Fri)!

Time to look into expansion of its carpark facilities and road widening?

Vehicles entering into the carpark of Boon Lay Shopping Center stucked at ERP

                            Video: Congestion in Boon Lay

Cars waiting next to Boon Lay Shopping Center

Little Boon Lay

Cars turning right into Boon Lay Shopping Center Carpark

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Girls Sleeping in National Library Buidling (Victoria Street)

While surfing wirlessly on my Zi00 tablet, can't take my eyes off at this
pair of girls sleeping soundly in National Library Buidling (Victoria Street).

There are so many users in this library that I can't believe they can dozed off...

I remebered I was being waken up by a lady security officer while fallen asleep
at Jurong West Library and i was told we are not allowed to sleep in a library.

Its time to wake up these gals. ;)

Da Shiu Lai Liao 大选来咯

General Election is finally declared on 7 May 2011 ...
"no towkays" at the moment as all the MPs are busy registering for the GE this year.

Wonder what perks can be expected during this year rallies???
wondering why Ah Soon keep all the old flags while replacing with new ones ???
replacing old with new flags

one of my friend Ah Soon putting up new flags in front of Boon Lay Blk 207, PAP HQ

NTUC Foodfare at Boon Lay

Recently went down to NTUC Foodfare Outlet at Boon Lay,
dicovered another way to save on meals in these "difficult times".

For breakfast sets, can save around $0.40 if you print out the voucher from
their pc terminal near the entrance of NTUC Foodfare.

See pictures below:
Steps to redeem the NTUC Foodfare voucher

present the voucher before you pay at NTUC Foodfare counter

press or touch the redeem button

the terminal will print out the discount voucher immediately

Stall owner busy printing vouchers for his customers , most likely
Multi printing of voucher at one go... 

NTUC Foodfare STALLS @ Boon Lay

Go Prata and Handmade Noodles stalls
Go Roasted Delights (Johnson Duck) and Tim Sum stalls

Tim sum prices

Go Drinks and Nasi Lemak stalls

Go Economic Rice and Seafood Stalls


Toilet for Handicapped

Toilet bowl

Toilet Urinals x 2


Ladies and mirror ,washing point

The seats layout

there is a "hook" for you to hand your stuff

there are  4"hooks" for you to hand your stuff, look at the red chairs area

outside area


Blk 679,  alight 2 stops from Boon Lay Bus Interechange

Or drive your your car and park at the MCP multi storey carpark next to NTUC Foodfare coffeshop

Alight after you see Shell Petrol Station (from Jurong Point).

Bus stop right in front of NTUC Foodfare 99, 199, 157, 242 (SBS) and  172 (TIBS)
most buses from Boon Lay Bus Interchange, Jurong Point.

Bus Stop is just Opposite Boon Lay Blk 265, can use overhead bridge to cross

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