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Thursday, April 14, 2011

SP Red Army Singapore Poly Flag Day for Japan

While on my way to The Internet Show @Suntec Convention,
surprised to see so many "red army" everywhere on the mrts
and the streets!

Red Army gathering @ a Bus Stop opp Bugis Junction

Bugis MRT

Lakeside MRT

Reminded me of my 1stYear NTU SU Flag Day 10 years ago, standing alone
at Chinatown asking for donations to be dropped into my metal tin.

Office workers n hospital staffs near Outram Park shunning
me whenever I moved a foot closer to them.

They seem usually have the prepared answers "I have already donated..."
or they r simply unhappy with students asking for money from them
since we are representing NTU Student Union which is not a charitable org.

Nowadays weather is so hot n people in general are not comfortable with
organisations soliciting for funds in these difficult times.

Initially i thgt these SP students are sweating away n doing their parts
for their campus or students funds.

Later did I realise when I chat with a sp girl tat they are actually doing it for the
Japan victims in the March 11 Tsunami, i quickly drop a small coin into her pinkish tin.

Salute to them n hope the funds can reach the Japanese who are mourning period n
many of the farmers are struggling with contaminated milk n soils.

Video of SP students chatting happily before they start their flag day on the MRT train!

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