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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Skechers Girls At Jurong Point

Nowadays businesses really are good at coming up with creative ideas to attract buyers.

Take for  example the recent show at Jurong Point from 22 to24 April 2011.
Catwalk time slots: 230pm, 530pm, 730pm

They had healthy girls dressed as sport women with a heart shape stick to their bottoms.
This are the sport shoes they are trying to promote

and sandals

Logo reads something like: "Let Your Bottom Half  Be Your Better Half."

I asked my  friend Nelson what's that ?
He just smile and says it's just another show.

Video : Sporty Girls in Their Oufits Gears

Video : Skecher Girls Fashion Show

Skechers Girls in their different roles

Skechers Girlsposing for group photo

Skechers Exhibition Jurong Point next to Pizza Hut 1st Floor

Heart sign on each girls' bottom

Skechers Fashion 1

Skechers Fashion 2

Skechers Fashion 3

Skechers Fashion 4

Skechers Fashion 5

Skechers Fashion 6

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