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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Clementi MRT Station Super Congested

While trying to head home from Clementi Mall, i was shocked to find that the MRT @ Clementi
is so congested that i can hardly move my neck, let alone my poor tired feet.  Sigh :( 

see video n pix below

Only 1 escalator going up is in operation full of mrt passengers,
the remainder of the 2 escalators going down not commuters

Really regreted my decision to take a MRT train home from Clementi,
I should have taken a sbs bus or cycle back via my bicycle!
Bridge link to the new Clementi Mall - super congested!!!

The gates and doors of the mrt train cabines have to open n close for at least 4 times
before the captain can start his engine n move on  to the next station in Jurong East ..sigh

passengers struggling to get out and board into the mrt cabins

At this point of time, I can hardly take a proper breath while inside the train cabin,
I really felt like a Sardine or Neon Tetra fish in a over-crowded fish tank!

No joke, an elderly aunty next to me keeps coughing into the Mrt door,
myself desperatly trying my best to avoid her direction but to no avail...

when will be the next smoooth Mrt ride for us... looking foward to good experience!

 # VIDEOS Of Congested Clementi MRT Station #

Bridge Link to Clementi Mall

Commuters trying to squeeze themselves into 1 of the MRT cabins at Clementi Station!

MRT Train  Packed ~Ali Baba!

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