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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boon Lay Flooded Sudden Downpour in Singapore

Western part of Singapore "under water" again, this time it's
due to the unexpected sudden heavy rain that causes flooding.

Handful took advantage of the flooded area , while most cautiously
wade thru' the waters below their knees.

Wonder when will the dry days come back?

Videos n Pix below

Boon Lay Movie - The Day After Tomorrow -

~ Playing in the Rain ~

Boon Lay Blk 186
Running in the Rain!

New Water Foundtain @ Boon Lay Blk 190 !

We gonna enjoy ourselves!

Bon Lay Blk 190 Drains Flooded

Boon Lay Blk 186 : Drains overwhelmed by flood

Wow Spectacular Sights! As if rain for 40mins,40seconds
Boon Lay  between Blk 190 and 189

Washing machines under Boon Lay Blk 190 Hostels : out of business

what ya lookin at, can't you see i am wet
Can;t you giv me a towel at least ???

I am feeling cold, pls give me a hug or some dry clothings

My Foot in water
(bought from SAF, water-proofed material, never rot after rain)

Star Wars - where did the waters come from???

Flooded in Blk 188

cat up a tree , take cover in the flood!

How to cross , any monster fsh in waters?

Gasoline vehicle in waters at carpark near Blk 185 n 186!

Hostel at Blk 190 : "Gate Crushed" by deluge

Final video: Cat had to take refuge up a tree near playground at Blk 190!

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