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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is Begging More Professional Now

There's seem to be more young ones asking for money on Sg's streets recently, isn't it?

Just yesterday on the eve of Good Fri 21 Apr while meeting up with an old friend Quek
in Choa Chu Kang, one young man dressed in polo shirts and short pants approached me
pointing one of his fingers at me.

I thought he is scolding me or challenging me for a fight.
When I enquired what is it regarding, he replied me "10cents pleassseee".
I ask why he needed 10cents , is it for toilet entry? He told me it's for him to buy some food.
My mind immediately told me he is begging for money, straight away refuse his requests.

Then on a Good Friday's platinum club gathering with 3 kaki friends in Jurong Point's MOS Burger outlet,
a young lady dressed in an orange shirt approached my friend Ee who's sitting next to me during our conversations.

I continued my converstion with Quek and Nelson while this young lady was busy engaging a heart-to-heart talk with Ee. I quietly asked Quek and Nelson do they know this lady who's talking to Ee?

Both shaked their heads at me. I became a bit blur as to why this young lady came to talk to us...

i managed to take a photo of this young lady beggar
while I order my food at MOS Burger in Jurong  Point
I then turned my attention to Ee and enquire who is this young lady in orange. To my surprise, Ee doesn't even know her. My friend Ee thought that I and Quek knew this young lady as he saw her smiling at both Quek and myself. Later I realised this young lady asked Ee for 50 cents and Ee handed her S$2 instead.
Throughout the episode this lady did not reveal her name , she just told us she is 26 years old which i doubt so. She said something like all of us old men here can become young one day and etc,etc. She even asked Ee if he can take her out for a meal later.

She even sat next to my friend Nelson after Ee gave her S$2. I thought she will leave after getting what she wants, never in my mind did i expect her to sit amongst us as we have some personal mattters to discuss.
She said she likes to converse and hang out with "elderly people" like us.

I hope she is not going around asking for money with an ulterior motive when she can still work or worse still , becoming a 'social escort' or engaging in some kind of illegal activities.

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