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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Injured cat at Jurong West Central Blk 686A

While passing by to paste my advertisments,spotted this injured cat
at Jurong West Central Blk 686A (opposite Jurong Medical Centre and Jur West Library)


This cat is hiding behind the bush at blk 686A and very hungry, so bought a can of
Whiskas Tuna can food for him.  Gobble up the whole can ....
Another yellow can of Friskies is placed near the pipe near the bush.

~ see video and pictures below ~

video of badly injured cat at Jurong West Central Blk 686A

Video of injured hungry cat feeding on a can of Whiska tuna cat food

Spotted this badly injured cat meowing away @ Jurong West Central below Blk 686A

i decided to buy him some can food at nearby Jurong Point NTUC

very pitiful

he is happy gobbling up the food

This cat is located near this bush @ Jurong West Central Blk 686A

Directly opposite multi-purpose carpark blk 686

oppoiste Jurong Medical Center

Bought these 2 cans of cat food, he ate the 1st can Whiskas tuna

he is last seen at this bush below Jur West Central Blk 686A on 19 April 2011 (Tues~9pm).
You try to "meow" for him and he will usually come out of his hiding place behind the "bush".

Map of Jurong West Central

I left another yellow can of cat food near the pipe on 19 April 2011, 9pm

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