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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Catch Monkey At Jurong Lake Near Chinese Garden

Monkeying around Jurong ?

Spotted a wild long tail monkey  @ Jurong Lake 
area opposite Yuan Ching Secondary School (lakeside mrt)

Take a look @ below pix, click to enlarge:

This Wild Monkey Caught Scavenging For Food!

The Ah-Moh with His Girlfriend Strolling Along This Path Came And Took A Picture of Monkey Too!

Monkey Busy Looking For Food. Ignoring The Camera Men

Monkey Very Engrossed In His Food Hunting

Found What He Wanted!

Ran Away!

"Fleeing" for His Life

Took A Rest On The Bench

Catch Me If You Can!

Monkey Resting On The Tree Overlooking The 2 Kayak

He Quickly Climbed Up This Tree The Moment I Try To Creep Near For Photo Taking

Andriod App That Drives Dogs Away

Found an android app that claims to drive away barking dogs.

I wonder if this app works on other species since there's no sound emitted.

No animals are tested before I download this app,
maybe I will test it on Do Do n Yo Yo tomrw . . . lol

DogBuzz for Android

THATS all folks

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Men Enjoying Their Smoke in Boon Lay Food Village

More male customers smoking away in Boon Lay Food Village 
nowadays , seem to be more daring and "Bo Chap" about Singapore's law!

Examples below:

1) He seems to be illiterate or ignorant @ the 
"No Smoking" signage above him.


2) Another case of a smoker enjoying his puff 
near the roti prata stall.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sec Students Dating in School Uniforms

Dating in uniforms is quite common nowdays as compared to my time 10years ago. Students have to hide here and there be very discreet about it if they developed BGR (boy girl relationship).

Now the young ones are quite open about it and probably there are also more scenic places where they can be together. Things have indeed changed a lot, gone are the days where studies come first.

Broken English Loanshark Letter

Loan shark nowdays really need to upgrade themselves.

Look at the police report of a threatening letter i saw pasted
outside a home in Jurong West yesterday.

Full of grammatical errors and I can hardly understand
what the author of the letter is trying to say.
Can you?

Jur Point Camera Man Taking Photos Of The Night Sky

I can't resist taking photos of this man lying down in the middle of Jurong Point. He is probably shooting his camera at the blinking kites flying high above JP sky.

He is just too busy or crazy about his work that he forgot about the passing crowd. 

Btw, mind you , he's not trendsetting any ' planking ' or ' camering '

Benchless at Boon Lay Shopping Ctr

Benches are gone!
Mean less resting places for shoppers in boon lay.
Reason given is to improve through access around courtyard , see third pix below

Improvement work at courtyards inside Boon Lay Shopping Center.

Daily Chinese Poem 四个蛋 Tan

Early morning, received a Chinese Sms by Andy Qin Fu to share with all of you below:
For those who can't understand pls ask you chinese friends.  ;)

走到 老远投票站,

Fowarded by Andy Qin Fu

Monday, August 15, 2011

Birds Carpet Bombing from the Roof of Hawker Center

Its a plane! Its a bird! No... its the extra "white bird nest" ingredient in your noddle.
Look out!!!

Nothing against the birds but they are fond of doing their business (shitting )
when resting on their laurels.

Can some kind of sharp spikes or obstacle be installed on the top structures
near the roof to prevent these birdies from resting there?

Location Boon Lay Food Village -
Economic Rice stall @ the corner near the newspaper vendor nearest to 7 Eleven and bus stop.

Click on the images to enlarge

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fishy Idea for an Outdoor Aquarium to House Tropical Fishes

Keeping tropical fish at home has always been a favorite past time for Singaporeans and Asians in general.
Reason being the maintenance costs for rearing pets like fish are much lower compared to other animals like dogs and cats.

However the costs of keeping fishes are increasing and more sophisticated nowadays.
In order to keep these fishy pets happy, lightnings and fish equipments of all types are emerging in the market.

Prices range from as low as S$5 to over S$900!  Some branded chillers, filters and fish tanks/ ponds are known to cost up to a few K in dollars.

Hence, it is not surprising that those dealing in the tropical fish industry are concentrating their efforts on accessories for this pet sector alone. Every S$1 dollar you spend on fishes could amount to S$5 invested on fish equipments.

I have just explored a cheap means of keeping fishes, going back to the basics of keeping fishes. That is to place them in a natural setting by housing them in outdoor fish tanks. Fishes like Guppies, Mollies, Otto, Betta thrive well under such conditions as natural sunlight supply the needed oxygen (air supply), algae (food) and  UV rays (medical sterilizer). Bigger and more oxygen demanding fishes like Goldfish are not recommended for such outdoor tanks unless its more than 4 ft with less than 6 pcs inside.

The Green Generals: PUFFERS
Bettas, Guppies are suitable for outdoor

The 3 mini Puffers
Many Arofanatics members urge me to feed the 3 green fellows above with snails (see Thread). So I went to buy four snails @ C328 costs $0.50 each,but $1.50 for colored shell.
All the bettas and guppies "welcoming the new snails" the moment i introduce them into the tank (without puffers). Hope to cultivate and breed more baby snails before bring the green generals over.

C328 Feeder Snails @ S$2 / packet  (abt 50 pcs)  , Aunty busy in the background!

All these are free and do not require any payment and best of all the fishes liked it very much. There have not been any incident of death. Instead birth rates and color intensity has increased when under such natural conditions.

Folks, "Back To The Basics".

Outdoor fish tanks with new stand installed for better space organization:

Friday, August 05, 2011

Tiong Bahru Food Center

Always have this nostalgic feeling whenever i pass by this well-preserved old estate in Singapore.

Especially the old food stalls which we can't easily find in Singapore nowadays.

I tried the food @ Tiong Bahru Food Center after distributing ads.  It's worth going back again.
After the breakfast, look for my fav fish stall for guppies below

Example below:

For mere 10cents , you get to view big fishes at closer range
release tension at same time

1 of a kind toilet in Singapore @ Tiong Bahru!

Tiong Bahru Food Center #02-44
Fish Ball Noodle and Yong Tau Fu

I paid this for S$2.50 !
Lasted me for at least 3 hours

Yum yum!


its a scary sight at this coffee drinks stall here
didnt get to drink any bevrages, but i am sure its worth your tatse bud to try judgin by the long queue while the rest of the drinks stal draw no crowd at all.

usual habit of Singaporeans forming long queue for good food and drinks

look out for this drinks stall at #02-81
238 Coffee Stall

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Parrot at Jurong West Blk 504

The boss brought along his green talking parrot to his
paser malem stall this morning.

He claims that his parrot can talk but today can't due to rainy weather.

He also put a white board to warns passerbys that they can see parrot
but cannot touch b'cos it has ability to bite humans.

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