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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Flyers Distribution in Singapore

The familiar "ti da ti da" sound coming from your hdb letter boxes is quite irritating at times, esp when one is working on a project halfway through.

This means of inserting flyers into letter boxes had become so common & popular that you can see lots of these flyers being treated as junk mails by the residents.
These flyers are sent mostly on behalf of property agents.

To get around this problem, advertisers had cleverly printed the latest year calenders or useful information at the back of the flyers or namecards to entice home owners to retain the flyers.

What about print a cheque to go along with the flyers next time?
I'm pretty sure these flyers won't fly your aeroplanes... lol  :D

  • Home-to-Home Flyers Distribution
  • Ads Posting on Notice Boards
  • Web Design
a typical flyer slotter under a hdb block
inserting ads into letter boxes

VIDEO Of Slotting Flyers

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