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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Catch Monkey At Jurong Lake Near Chinese Garden

Monkeying around Jurong ?

Spotted a wild long tail monkey  @ Jurong Lake 
area opposite Yuan Ching Secondary School (lakeside mrt)

Take a look @ below pix, click to enlarge:

This Wild Monkey Caught Scavenging For Food!

The Ah-Moh with His Girlfriend Strolling Along This Path Came And Took A Picture of Monkey Too!

Monkey Busy Looking For Food. Ignoring The Camera Men

Monkey Very Engrossed In His Food Hunting

Found What He Wanted!

Ran Away!

"Fleeing" for His Life

Took A Rest On The Bench

Catch Me If You Can!

Monkey Resting On The Tree Overlooking The 2 Kayak

He Quickly Climbed Up This Tree The Moment I Try To Creep Near For Photo Taking

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