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Friday, August 05, 2011

Tiong Bahru Food Center

Always have this nostalgic feeling whenever i pass by this well-preserved old estate in Singapore.

Especially the old food stalls which we can't easily find in Singapore nowadays.

I tried the food @ Tiong Bahru Food Center after distributing ads.  It's worth going back again.
After the breakfast, look for my fav fish stall for guppies below

Example below:

For mere 10cents , you get to view big fishes at closer range
release tension at same time

1 of a kind toilet in Singapore @ Tiong Bahru!

Tiong Bahru Food Center #02-44
Fish Ball Noodle and Yong Tau Fu

I paid this for S$2.50 !
Lasted me for at least 3 hours

Yum yum!


its a scary sight at this coffee drinks stall here
didnt get to drink any bevrages, but i am sure its worth your tatse bud to try judgin by the long queue while the rest of the drinks stal draw no crowd at all.

usual habit of Singaporeans forming long queue for good food and drinks

look out for this drinks stall at #02-81
238 Coffee Stall

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