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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Singapore Election Campaigns PAP vs Opposition

The battle has began! All wards are contested except one walkover (GE 2011 contests link)
While rushing for an appt with my retiree friend Nelson at Jurong West ,
saw a lot of MIW men /women in white when i passed by JJC .

Nomination Day 27 April 2011 (Wed) : PAP supporters Gathering @ Jurong West Blk 538 , next to JJC

MIW (men in white) supporters Outside JJC on nomination day!

some resting under viod deck of hdb flat next to JJC

A rubbish collector stucked outside JJC gate.

I thgt they are from RI or some sort of institutions.
Upon me closer examination reveals that they are PAP supporters and candidates.

These PAP members and supporters drew my attention as they are "making waves"
(sounds) at the viod deck of HDB flat next to Jurong Junior College. 

I'v never seen such a mass gathering at a hdb area in my life.

Later when it was announced in the afternoon that there will be a contestant from the opposition SDP, a PAP's vehicle is seen patrolling around Boon Lay broadcasting the party's message in various languages which include Dialect, Chinese , Cantonese, Malay and Tamil during the evening about 6pm.
I guess its from the PM and his election candidates .

See video below.

PAP Election mobile Message Broadcast in Boon Lay Blk 210 to 215

The SDP vehicle is also seen installing the party's posters and flags symbols on lamp posts along Jurong East Ave 1 quite late around 6pm while all the PAP posters are already up the lamp posts before 5pm!

GE Guide 

Video of PAP vehicle Broadcasting Election Message in Boon Lay on Nomination Day ~6pm
in various languages: "... vote for party to secure your future..."

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