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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

False Alarm at Boon Lay Blk 220

These fire engines woke me up at 1015pm today!
I thought what "big wind" or fire brought these 3 fire engines and
1 spot-light vehicle to Boon Lay Blk 220?

I asked the lady security officers and the neighbours bystanders what is the noise about, they ask me can i smell something in the air?  I replied i only can smell someone burning paper money sacrifices at a nearby designated metal bin....Other than that,  i only can smell my body odour.

Turned out to be a flase alarm!  Urrrggg.
Back to sleep, no can't sleep go for my fav suppper at boon lay!

Hope the authorities can check before sending so many vehicles and waking up the neighbors nearby!

scdf to the rescue

all the bystanders helping to look for the source

searching for the source of fire

is it a bird, flying man or an UFO?  

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