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Monday, May 23, 2011

SMRT Taxi Crashed At Nanyang Flyover Exit 38

Happen to see this driver badly shaken n gazing at his badly damaged taxi while on my way
to NTU, Nanyang Technological University this morning around 815am.

As you can see from the pictures below, one of the lamp posts next to the zebra crossings
at Nanyang Flyover Exit 38 is being knocked down by the SMRT taxi. Slanted poistion now!

And how on earth did the taxi get onto the grasspatch next to the zebra crossing ???

SMRT taxi blocking the zebra crossing after accident at Nanyang Flyover Exit 38

Safe Landing on the Grass

I reckon that the taxi driver may have skidded hsi vehicle on the wet road while trying to "drift"
or filter to the left into NTU (Pioneer Entrance, Nanyang Flyover Exit 38) from the PIE.

If i have cycled  into this path 5mins earlier , i would not have the chance to blog abt this.

Map near NTU .
Nanyang Flyover Exit 38

Nanyang Crescent  (Pioneer Road Entrance of NTU) where SBS 179 buses ply frequently

 Birds EyesView of the PIE towards Nanyang Flyover
(Taken From Overhead Bridge to NTU)

commuters stopping n standing by to help the taxi driver

So my dear readers, no where in Singapore is truly safe not even on the pedestrains walkway.

Morale of the story is "open our eyes big big for any potential ku ku drivers..."

"When You Sms Dun Walk, When U Walk Dun Sms."

After the accident, when on the way down to Jurong West . Took some pictures at around 940am.

men checking and surveying out the damages

men checking and surveying out the damages

men checking and surveying out the damages

this lady in blue waiting for a long time at the scene of accident in the afternoon.
she probably did not know an accident had jus taken place near where she is standing

the lady in blue crossing the road after about 5 mins later

               Video of PIE towards Nanyang Flyover taken from overhead bridge leading to NTU

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