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Monday, May 30, 2011

Why Complain At Coffeshop Jurong West St 91 Blk 907

WHY Singaporeans Like to Complain?
That's what the coffeshop at Jurong West is trying to answer (opposite NTU).
They posted a Straits Time Newspaper article on their walls to explain the reason why.

When having my fav hor fun breakfast there, an aunty asked me what's pasted on that wall?
I told her about the article trying to explain why Singaporeans tend to complain and
some will not hesitate to do that and some even go to the extent of seeing their MPs.

I asked her if it's the coffeshop boss who posted all these newspapers articles?
She explained to me that could it be due to the people here nothing better to do
,often complaining about the tables the coffeshop put out during lunch time hours that
prompted the boss to paste the news up his walls.

I told her maybe its due to the "high-class" and more educated neighbourhood that is
near this coffeshop lah. They jus write in to the authorities when they something is not right.
If this coffeshop is located in Boon Lay or places where Banglah visit,
who will even bother abt complaining , even if it makes too much noises?


my fav pet Xiao Qiang on the wall!

You & Lai Coffeshop at Jurong West Blk 907

Nearby "rich" residents @ Blk 906 Jurong West St 91

Nice Cosy Corner: Gardening Club behind Blk 907 coffeshop

Creative and environmental friendly use of tyres to plant shrubs
And also a bird watching area under the HDB Void Deck 

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