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Friday, May 06, 2011

MIW and Mr Tharman in Jurong West Coffeshop Walkabout

While having my breakfast at a coffeshop in Jurong West on Thursday morning 5 May, saw a group of MIW (men in white)
approaching us  from a distance.  I realised it is Mr Tharman and his group of PAP members.

There was a commotion few tables away, a middle-age man in blue was gesturing at Mr Tarman
and looked quite agitated.

I heard he mention something about housing and children education, etc. Must be a resident grumbling his lot in life.

Mr Tharman turned his attention to another table while the MIB (man in blue) continues "rattling"...

When he approached me, his smiling face shows that I have to stand up n shake his hand.
I asked him if he had his breakfast , he replied not yet, will probably do it after this walkabout.

Even though I am not in his Jurong GRC, I jus having my breakfast, nevertheless they still encouraged me to vote for their members in PAP.  Wow...  they are indeed persistent and united . 

Continue with my breakfast more important for me . . . whatever the results will reveal on 7 May 2011

Mr Tarman approach his "1st customer" at Jurong West coffeshop (next to 7 eleven)

the man in blue complaining to Mr Tarman abt his lot in life

the man in blue continue complaining to Mr Tarman

the man in blue still complaining to Mr Tarman abt his lot in life

wanna a tiger or carlsberg?

morning drinkers greeting the MIW

checking out the residents

candidate Desmond chatting with a resident while the media looks on and waits in the background

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