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Monday, March 07, 2011

Sex Shop In Sim Lim Sq and Singapore

One of my more conservative malaysian friends Mr Sau Weng who worked in  Singapore for more than 30 years couldn't believe what his eyes are looking at when he 'accidently' come across a shop selling sex toys in Sim Lim Square! He can understand if a sex shop operates in town area, but he dun understand why open one of these sex shops in Sim Lim Square a place where computers and digital gadgets are the favourite hunt among tourists and Singaporeans ? He felt shameful and embrassed about it!

I told him this is no longer new in Singapore anymore. The reason being Singapore is more open about topic on sex , even primary shool students are taught from young. If the school dun teach , who will?

There's also more bad n good influence from the internet. Kids , Adults are now able to access video clips and other materials to find out abt it . If they can't these items , they can simply just order online.

More foreigners are flocking to Singapore to make a living will in the process bring in their more open views about sex. Some even offer one-night stand or encouraging partners to do so as a sign of love or fun.

Furthermore now with the PM encouraging couple to increase birth rate to beat Total Fertility Rate (TFR) which plummeted from 1.6 in year 2000 to 1.23 in year 2009.   Read on ChannelNews Asia

Based on the above observations, how can such sex shops not open more?  

Dun be surpised if your neigbourhood start one of such shops 1 of these days!
I foresee such shops will be flourishing in the near future even though not many businessmen buy the idea that such shops can make money $ as Singaporeans are very "busy" and tired after a hard day @ work,
where got energy to think about national issue other than to have a good bite sleep!

Furthermore, many Singaporeans are already pressured by the good educational system for their kids
and hectic workplace environment in Singapore, hardly will find the joy and time to raise more than 2 kids.

Things are changing for Singapore, even taboos like Casino can be accepted when it is almost impossible and almost unheard of 10 years ago. Till now some organisations and individuals are uncomfortable with such ideas about gambling big time here as bad influence and crime rates will affect Singaporeans and their family life in a way.

Maybe the authorities should start thinking of subsidising or rebating married couples for such products... lol   Cheap! Chirp! It wont cost much for the goverment to distribute S$50 to S$100 which will improve the TFR to 1.5  ~ hopefully.

Recently spotted this temporary book stall selling Adult Books @ People Park's Centre
in Chinatown, near the front glass entrance.  The green white book teaching couples some sex techniques while the rest are sex stories I guessed.

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