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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saloon Price War Betwn Snip Avenue and New Station at Hong Kah Point

Looks like its another "cut-throat" price war brewing between these 2 rivals again. Now starring at Jurong West Blk 504 (Hong Kah Point!) 

Last week, New Station came up with a hair-cut price of just S$1 and Snip Avenue retaliate back with a 80 cents poster at its glass door. See below pictures.

Wonder when the promotion will end and will the price be brought down to 50 cents or lagi best foc , how on earth do they make any profit ? ? ?

How happy to be a man these days...   ;D

S$1 Hair Cut @ New Station, Jurong West Blk 504

New Station @ Hong Kah Point - Jurong West Blk 504

Snip Avenue @ Hong Kah Point, Town Council
80cents Hair Cut ? @ Snip Avenue,Hong Kah Point

Hong Kah Point - Jurong West Blk 504

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